Isaac J. Potter house, 82 Central Street, Ipswich MA

82 Central St., the Isaac J. Potter house (b 1884)

The house at 82 Central Street was the home of Isaac J. Potter, editor of the Ipswich Chronicle, and is identified in the 1884 Ipswich map. The 1910 map shows the owner as A. P. Smith.

One of the earliest newspapers in the town was the Ipswich Advance with Edward B Putnam as editor and proprietor.  He continued until March 16, 1872 when Edward L Davenport and Frederick W Goodwin bought the establishment and began the publication of the Ipswich Chronicle.  Lyman H Daniels became the owner four years later, and one of his associates was Isaac J. Potter, who eventually became the sole proprietor.  Mr. Potter associated with his brother John M. Potter and they conducted the chain of papers which included the Ipswich Chronicle, Amesbury Villager, Lynn Reporter, Lynn Bee and the Yankee Blade of Boston.

Isaac J. Potter house, Ipswich MA

In 1884, The Ipswich Chronicle published a report on the 250th Anniversary of the founding of Ipswich (1634), with introductory comments by owner and publisher I. J. Potter, and illustrations by Arthur Wesley Dow and Everett S. Hubbard. Sources:

The Isaac J. Potter house is circled in this closeup from the 1884 Ipswich map.
Victorian double front door
Victorian lock hardware
Victorian mail slot

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