84 Topsfield Rd.

84 Topsfield Rd., the Bosson -Hayward-Goodhue-Jarlowicz house (c. 1874)

Sue Nelson’s inventory of historic houses in Ipswich shows the first owner of the house at 84 Topsfield Rd. as Davis-Goodhue, 1872-74. In the first half of the 20th Century this was part of the William W. Goodhue 27 acre farm, which included the house at 114 Topsfield Rd. The estate was divided between William W. Goodhue and his sister Fanny Booz in 1952. The Jarlowicz family came into possession in 1972 and the house is still in that family.

Division of William W. Goodhue farm in 1952, between Goodhue and his sister Fanny Booz. Click for larger image.

Bosson and Hayward

The 1910 Ipswich map seems to show the house at this location owned by W. S. Haywood, a misspelling of the name Walter E. Hayward. This appears to have also been the Ipswich residence of Judge Albert Bosson and his wife Alice, although two houses are shown together on the 1910 Ipswich map. The estate was near “Vine Hill” on Topsfield Rd. They sold it to Walter E. Hayward, who seems to have sold it back to them. Mrs. W. E. Hayward was listed in the Women’s National Farm and Garden Association 1918 publication for her fruit gardening and poultry. Mr. Hayward was the Resident Agent at the Ipswich hosiery Mill.

  • 1922. —Hayward’s Stocking Manufacturing Plant is organized by Walter Hayward and his friend, Perley Barbour, and the building is constructed on land that was purchased from the Boston and Maine Railroad.
  • 1923. Rotary Club is formed with twenty members, soon increased to twenty-eight. Walter Hayward is the first President.


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