John Wade house, County Rd. Ipswich

85 County Road, the John Wade house (1810)

85 County Road Ipswich
85 County Road, the John Wade house (1810)

The John Wade house was built at the far end of South Green in 1810, but was moved further down County Road in 1948 to the corner of Lanes End to make room for the South Green Burial Ground expansion. The Wade family owned and built many of the houses along County Rd. in that vicinity. This house bears remarkable similarity to the homes of housewrights Asa Wade and Samuel Wade, both still standing in their original locations on County Rd. facing the South Green View MACRIS

Samuel Wade house, Ipswich MA
The John Wade house at its original location on the south end of the South Green. It bears great resemblance to the Asa Wade and Samuel Wade houses facing the Green from the other side of County Rd.
The John Wade house is shown at its original location adjoining the South Green, in the 1832 Philander map of Ipswich village.
The John Wade House being moved from the South Green a short distance down County road in Ipswich. You can see the old roofline of a porch.

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