9 Green Street, the Elizabeth Holland house (1811)

9 Green Street, the Elizabeth Holland house (1811)

The house at 9 Green Street on the corner of County Street was built for Elizabeth Holland on Meeting House Green in 1811, and was moved to the corner of County and Green Streets by John How Cogswell between 1872 and 1884.

Thomas Kimball sold a house and land to David Pulcifer, Nov. 6, 1798 (163: 223), who acquired a small tract in the rear of Elizabeth Holland, July 30, 1812 (199: 140). Sarah Safford, the widow of Joseph Puicifer, executed a deed of the northwest half of a house with land on Meeting House Greet to Aaron Perkins Jr., cooper, Nov. 7, 1797 (164: 229), who transferred it to Daniel Holland, March 13, 1802 (171: 50).

On the night of June 9, 1811, the house burned completely, along with the possessions of both owners, Captain Israel Pulcifer and the widow Elizabeth Holland. Captain Pulcifer received permission from the town to rebuild Feb. 4, 1811, and built the house still standing at that location. He sold his house and land to John How Boardman, April 4, 1826 (241 : 161), and it came by inheritance to his son, Mr. Aaron Cogswell, and his grandson, Mr. John How Cogswell. The house still stands on Meeting House Green.

1832 map showing the home of Widow Gage beside the home of John Boardman on Meeting House Green.

The widow Holland at the same time built a house adjoining the Pulcifer house, and married Samuel N. Gage, of Rowley, but survived her second husband. The executor of her estate sold the house to Aaron Cogswell, May 24, 1841 (326: 65), and the house was removed by Mr. John H. Cogswell between 1872 and 1884 to the corner of County and Green streets, where he thereafter resided.


The 1872 Ipswich map shows both of the Cogswell houses side by side on Meeting House Green.

The J. H. Cogswell house is shown at its present location in the 1884 map. The C. H. Cogswell house on Meeting House Green is known as the Israel Pulcifer house, still standing.

Source: Thomas Franklin Waters in Volume I of Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony