92 Central St., the Abbie G. Lord house, 1871

The house at 90 Central St., on the corner of Mineral, was constructed after Andrew Geyer purchased the lot from Amos Smith, April 20, 1869 and obtained mortgages in 1871. Andrew Geyer also constructed and sold the house at nearby 23 Mineral Street, and was apparently a builder or real estate developer on the newly created Central Street.

In 1873 Geyer sold the lot and house to Abbie G. Lord, who owned and lived in the house for 24 years. In 1897 Lord sold the house to Maria J. Brown, wife of John W. Brown. Brown sold to Adelle G. Riley, September 1, 1906. No house appears at the corner of Mineral and Central St. in the 1872 Ipswich village map but is on the 1884 Ipswich village map. The house belongs to W. J. Riley in the 1910 Ipswich map.

John Brown house, Central and Mineral Streets Ipswich
“Residence of J. W. Brown”

Deed history:

June 1, 1873: Salem Deeds, book 883, page 288. “A certain parcel of land with the buildings thereon is sold for $5000 by Andrew Geyer to Abbie G. Lord. The deed references purchase of the property from Amos Smith, April 20, 1869. The deed mentions outstanding mortgages June 15, 1871 by Salem Five Cents Bank for property of Andrew Geyer.

Salem Deeds, book 1517, page 254. Lot with house and stable transferred from Abbie G. Lord to Maria J. Brown, June 23, 1897

Salem Deeds, book 1841, page 185 Transfer of this parcel and house from James W. Brown and Maria J. Brown to Adelle G. Riley, September 1, 1906.