97 Central Street

97 Central Street, the Olive and Charles McIntire house (1885)

On September 23, 1885, Nathaniel Harris of High Street sold a piece of his land to Olive and Charles McIntire, who built the house shortly thereafter. On July 1, 1887, the McIntires took out a $450.00 mortgage on the house, which was then assumed by Nancy M. Foster. On November 8, 1887, the McIntires sold the house to Foster.

Charles W. McIntire was a shoe maker, born in Reading in 1833. He served in the K Company during the Civil War. He later came to work for the J. A. Johnson Shoe Company here in Ipswich. Perley’s 1880 Agawam Directory Page 32 says there were “more than a hundred hands” employed by J. A. Johnson and Farley & Daniels (formerly Perkins & Daniels).

Olive and Charles had two daughters born in Ipswich: Ella, born about 1870, and Cora, born on June 23, 1876.The 1890 Directory of Ipswich residents lists Ella and Cora as employees of a “mill”.  In 1994 they both married on the same day to teamsters in Rowley. 

The house is shown in the 1893 Ipswich Birdseye map with the stick features visible. This vernacular house is one of the few examples of the stick Victorian style in Ipswich, similar in design to the George B. Brown house on Washington St., which was built between 1884 and 1893. In the final development of the style, the 3-dimensional details become more 2-dimensional. Both of these houses exhibit the later tendency towards flat design. The hidden structural frame is expressed by vertical, horizontal, and diagonal boards applied to horizontal clapboards. Often the “sticks” were emphasized through contrasting paint. A bracketed porch completes the Stick Style ingredients.


  • Information above was provided by the present owners.
  • Book 1158, page 218: Nathaniel Harris to Charles W. McIntyre, parcel for $350.00, Oct. 1, 1885
  • Book 1211, page274: Charles W. McIntyre to Nancy Foster, parcel with house for $1526.00, Nov. 8, 1887. On the following page, Nancy Foster and her husband David Foster mortgage the property to the Ipswich Savings Bank for $250.00