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Ipswich at MACRIS

MACRIS is the Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System. The following houses are from a search of Ipswich structures in the collected files. Go to MACRIS to view the complete list of structures. Inv. Property Name Street Year IPS.A Ipswich Village IPS.B Damon Farm II IPS.C Linden Street Mansards […]

Arrival of English Puritans in New England

Arrival of the English

Within three years of the arrival of the Winthrop fleet to New England, so many immigrants had arrived in Massachusetts Bay that Boston Neck could not hold them all. Perceiving a threat from the French, thirteen men arrived in 1633 to establish the town that would be named Ipswich a year later.

Locust Grove Cemetery

The Locust Grove Cemetery is located at 1 Locust Street, Ipswich, MA. Akerman, Mary M. Allen, Courtney Allen, Esther B. Allen, Joseph D. Alley, Hattie B. Alley, Sarah E. Anderson, Murray Edwin Andrews, George N. Andrews, John J., Jr Andrews, Mabel Johnston Archer, Austin Archer, Ethel Madeline Archer, […]

Walking tour of historic Ipswich MA

Historic Ipswich Tour

A Walking Tour and History of Ipswich This extensive tour of Ipswich, Massachusetts begins at the Riverwalk Mural behind the EBSCO buildings, near the corner of Market Street and Union Street. Many of the First and Second Period houses in the town are visited along with sites of […]