Aaron Jewett house, Ipswich MA

24 Market Street, the Aaron Jewett house (c 1800)

The Aaron Jewett house at 24 Market Street has served as Tetrault Jewelry Store since 1941, one of the longest-lasting family businesses in Ipswich. The following information is provided by Sue Nelson for the Ipswich Historical Commission:

A look at the Philander Anderson Map of 1832 clearly shows the Aaron Jewett house, one of only three on the south side of Market St., and labeled with his name. Jewett was the son of John Cole Jewett and Elizabeth Smith, born in 1787, and his death record survives to show that Jewett was a hatter, and died in 1850 of consumption at age 63. Thus begins the life of the Jewett house as home to small but vigorous enterprises on Market St.


By 1856, the Jewett house was undoubtedly in the hands of renters. Joseph Caldwell, wife Cynthia and son John J. lived on the property. Joseph is listed as a “farm laborer” and so was Jenness Towle who bought the Jewett house in 1865. Towle, born in Winthrop, Maine, lived and worked on Ipswich farms since at least 1850, according to censuses. He served in the Civil War from 1862-63, buying the Jewett property just two years after his discharge. It is not clear where he obtained the wherewithal to buy a property valued at $1,000 in the 1870 census.

By 1875 a “shop” was part of the Jewett property, and Towle sold it and the house to John P. Holland. Holland, also a Civil War vet, (1862-64) was a shoe-maker. His home was used at least until 1897 as both a shoe shop and boarding house. Holland was listed in the Ipswich Directory of 1897 as “retired.” He died in 1900 at age 68. The map of 1902 shows the property listed as an undifferentiated “shop” and by 1907 it shows on maps as a dwelling.

In 1916 the shop was being used to sell fish. Joseph J. Ciolek sold groceries by 1919, as the shop continued turning over. In 1932 the store sold Dunlop auto tires. However, it became the Tetrault Jewelry Store in 1941 and continues in that role today.

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