The Baker-Newman house on East Street

The Baker-Newman house at 14 East St. was built in 1725 and is an early 2nd Period 2-story, end gable half house with a Beverly jog.

John Baker was granted a section of the land extending down East Street to Spring Street, originally granted to Rev. Cobbet. His son John Baker Jr. sold eight acres with buildings including land on the hillside to Nathaniel Jones Jr. in 1742.

The Baker-Newman house on the MACRIS site

Jones sold the northwest end of the property to George Newman Jr., a weaver. In the early 18th Century, George Newman and many other men were employed in making fine cloth for men’s wear, after which it went to the clothier to be dyed and finished. His son apparently continued the business.

This house is protected by a preservation covenant between the owners, the town of Ipswich and the Ipswich Historical Commission. Protected elements include:

  • Front and side facades, including Beverly jog
  • Window frames and front door
  • Wide pine board floors
  • Major frame members


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