high_115_baker-suttonThe Baker-Sutton House at 115 High Street in Ipswich was built in 1725 and displays late 1st period to 2nd period Georgian architectural elements. The antiques business that operates from this house features period pieces.

This lot was first owned by Haniel Bosworth, a cowherd. His widow, Abigail, sold the dwelling in 1702 to William Baker (16:61). Baker probably built the present dwelling. The house has been extensively restored, and the handsome pilastered chimney and Conn. River Valley – type doorframe with its broken scroll pediment were added

In the early – mid 18th century a guild of hatters all lived on High Street in Ipswich, including Samuel Baker and Richard Sutton.


The brick house on the right, built by Joseph King, was moved to the other side of High Street when the bridge crossing the tracks was constructed at the beginning of the 20th Century. The Baker-Sutton house is in the middle. The house beyond it, “Brown’s Manor” still stands at that location.