The 1856 Ipswich Village map shows the owner of the house at the corner of Hovey and Water Streets to be B. Ellsworth. The 1872 Ipswich Village map lists the owner of the house as T. Ellsworth, and the house is shaped similarly to the present house at that location. It is also easily identifiable in the 1893 Ipswich birdseye map.

Carolyn Heard Peatfield (1913-2009) recorded the Ellsworth family history, provided to me by Laurie Short Jarvis. She noted that Charles Austin Ellsworth was born Dec 11, 1864 and Mary Louisa Ellsworth was born Jan 13 1853, both in “the old house on Hovey St. The new house is now owned by Raymond Dodge.”

The house at 6 Hovey Street in Ipswich was built in approximately 1870 and is listed in the Ipswich Historical Commission database as the B. Ellsworth house. Benjamin Ellsworth II was born in 1837 to Susan Treadwell and Benjamin Ellsworth the Ipswich lighthouse keeper. The senior Benjamin Ellsworth had nine children. He was appointed keeper of the Ipswich Range lighthouse on Crane Beach by Abraham Lincoln in 1861 and remained in the post until his death in 1902. He was responsible for several rescues of shipwreck victims during his long stay. After his wife died, he was accompanied at the Lighthouse by his daughter Susan Treadwell Ellsworth.

Three sons of the senior Benjamin Ellsworth, the lightkeeper, fought in the Civil War, and son Captain Thomas Ellsworth received a medal of honor.