82 County Rd., Ipswich Ma

82 County Road, the Brown – Manning house (1835)

82 County Rd., Ipswich Ma

After the death of their mother, John B. Brown, the widow Judith Manning and single woman Mary Brown sold the family home on Candlewood Rd. Judith and Mary had the house at 82 County Rd. built for them in 1835 after purchasing the lot from Rev. Daniel Fitz (300:61). It remained in the family until the late 19th century.

The lots of Daniel Fitz, Samuel Wade and Nathan Brown are indicated as the abutters in the deed (300:61). The lot is empty in the 1832 Ipswich map and shows the same abutters, including Nathan Brown who bought at 1775 house on Candlewood Rd from Oliver Appleton in 1824 and removed it to its present site at 86 County Rd.


Francis Brown, a descendant of the farmer John Brown on Candlewood Rd., was  baptized Sept. 30, 1753, married Judith Burnham, Jan. 1, 1779 and died May 23, 1790, aged 37 years. His widow died Jan. 27, 1834, aged seventy-four. He bought the Bragg farm (later owned by Alonzo B. Fellows) of Thomas Burnham Jr., in 1781 and there they made their home. Their children were:

  • John Burnham Brown, born Sept. 12, 1779.
  • Francis Brown, born Feb. 3, 1781; died in Guadaloupe Feb. 3, 1803.
  • Judith Brown, born Oct. 25, 1782; She married Richard Manning,  on Jan. 10, 1821. She died June 21, 1856 at age 73. Richard Manning was a son of Dr. John and Lucy Manning, and died on May 22, 1821 only 4 months after their marriage at age 44.
  • Samuel, born Jan. 12, 1785; died Oct. 25, 1802 at Alexandria.
  • Mary,  born Jan. 10, 1787; died unmarried April 16, 1860.
  • Charles, born Jan. 12, 1789.
82 County Road, Ipswich
82 County Road early in the 21st Century
he Brown - Manning house , County Rd. Ipswich
The Brown – Manning house circa 1980
82 County St. Ipswich MA
The shed attached to the rear of the house appears to be older. It has no foundation and was probably moved to this location. Previous owners said it was one of several cobbler sheds in Ipswich.


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