Ipswich burying grounds

Ipswich MA Old North Burying Ground
The Old North Burying Ground

Descriptions and interment listings for 10 Ipswich cemeteries

Old North Burying Ground

Highland Cemetery

The Old South Burying Ground (view)

Leslie Road Burying Ground (view)

Old Linebrook Cemetery (view)

New Linebrook Cemetery (view)

Sisters of Notre Dame Cemetery, 30 Jeffreys Neck Rd., at Findagrave

Immigrant’s Highland Annex Cemetery (view)

Nourse Family Cemetery at Findagrave

Chebacco Parish Old Burial Yard, Essex (view)

Locust Grove Cemetery, 1 Locust St

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  1. You are right. I should have said Ipswich MA and NEW Ipswich NH. I made the same mistake so many others have made having to go back to make corrections. Have a great day, and Thanks for all the help you give.

  2. I’d love to know where the slaves may have been buried. I think that it’s important that we honor them. I’d love to pay my respects.

  3. I am having a difficult time locating Solomon Wildes and his wife Anna M. Wildes (Harding) His parents are Thomas and Eunice and you have a record of them being buried in the Old Burial grounds, however, Solomon and his wife Anna are nowhere to be found. Is your cemetery list complete for Ipswich?? That is where they died, same as his parents. 1825-1895 Solomon 1836-1905 is Anna (Harding) Wildes, thanks Linda

  4. I am looking to see what happened to Danial Bradley who sailed on the Elizabeth in 1636? I’m starting our family tree, any help would be appreciated, Angela Bradley,

    • Daniel Bradley came from the Parish of Alphage Cripplegate, sailing from London, England, in the “Elizabeth” 6 Apr. 1635, at the age of twenty. He resided in Ipswich, Mass., in 1636; settled in Haverhill; was made freeman there in 1642 and assisted in building in 1648 the first rude meeting house “upon the shore of the river, on a knoll that lightly swelled from the surrounding land.” In May, 1664, he bought the house and land in Haverhill adjoining the “Parsonage farm.” In 1682 the “Parsonage farm” was leased to him for twenty-five years. He was killed by the Indians on the parsonage road near the present site of the Atkinson, N.H., depot. His children and grandchildren massacred or taken prisoner. http://dkdonovan.com/getperson.php?personID=I72154&tree=Main

    • Thank you Gordon, that is a wonderful reference. However, I am looking for their burial place. Are all the records online in Ipswich? He died in Ipswich, however, she died in Wakefield. I haven’t found her, but since he died before her in Ipswich, Maybe she was buried next to him? How do I go about finding this?

    • Gordon, thank you for your help. I did find them buried in the Haverhill Cemetery. I added them on Findagrave.com Thanks again, Linda

  5. Thank you for listing all the cemeteries in the Ipswich NH area. I now have a guide to find the many descendents in our tree. I am now on the road again to finding more history of our Adams, Goodhue, connections.

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