11 Waldingfield Road, Captain Isaac Smith house “Applefield” (1759)

The Ipswich Historical Commission lists the construction date for the house at 11 Waldingfield Rd. in Ipswich as 1759 with the name “Applefield.” This lot was part of the farm of Samuel Appleton, early settler of Ipswich. The land and the old Appleton house were passed on through four generations of men by the name Samuel Appleton, but the estate became insolvent after Samuel 4 died in 1728, and was sold to Captain Isaac Smith, who had been active in the French and Indian War. His son Samuel succeeded in ownership, and the Appleton estate was sold in pieces to many owners. Much of the farm on the south side of Waldingfield Rd. was bought back by the Appleton Family, and is now owned by the Trustees of Reservations.

A portion of the Samuel Appleton farm was sold bv Samuel Smith to Samuel Obear in 1818, who sold to Hamilton Brown in 1821. His name is shown as owner of this house in the 1834 Ipswich map. It remained in his possession and that of his son, Albert S. Brown, until 1889, when it was purchased by Mrs. Helen K., wife of Randolph M. Appleton, son of Mr. D. F. Appleton, who apparently gave it the name “Applefield.” The original Samuel Appleton house was apparently located on or near this lot, and was removed from its original location under the great elms and made a part of the Appleton Farm estate. 11 Waldingfield is the present home of Nat and Holliday Pulsifer.


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