Fort Point Channel trolley disaster

Boston Globe: The Tragedy that Boston forgot

On the night of November 7, 1916, a trolley packed with factory workers crashed through the gates of an open drawbridge in South Boston, killing 46. For decades it was considered the worst tragedy in Boston history. And then it was forgotten. Continue reading about the Boston trolley tragedy at the Boston Globe.

Properly Seated

February 17, Wednesday Evening Lecture, 7:30pm Properly Seated: Two Centuries of Chairs in the Ipswich Museum From the Whipples to the Heards, from the Pilgrim settlement to industrial America, chairs trace the history of domestic life in Ipswich and New England. Drawing upon examples in the Ipswich Museum's exhibit, John Fiske traces the domestic history … Continue reading Properly Seated

No matter how you roll the dice, it’s still a lot of Clams!

No matter where you turn today, talk of the Powerball lottery seems to dominate the news. The telly and internet are replete with stories of long lines at lottery machines, quick-pick craziness, and the ever-increasing payout.  And with a projected jackpot of over $800 million and rising, why not? We get this way every few … Continue reading No matter how you roll the dice, it’s still a lot of Clams!

Strandbeests at Crane Beach

Strandbeest Invasion

The Strandbeests came to Crane Beach this morning, but the bigger news was the largest invasion of people the town of Ipswich has experienced in recent memory. Even though it was cool and cloudy, Deb and I anticipated a traffic backup on Argilla Road, so we took our bicycles. Finally, the Strandbeests were able to move a short … Continue reading Strandbeest Invasion