Wreck of the Angel Gabriel at Pemaqud Harbor, August 15, 1635

The Great Colonial Hurricane and the wreck of the Angel Gabriel, August 25, 1635

Historic Ipswich

Featured image: Pemaquid Point plaque commemorating the wreck of the Angel Gabriel

On the last Wednesday of May, 1635, the Angel Gabriel, a 240 ton ship set out from England, bound for New England. The ship had been commissioned as the Starre for Sir Walter Raleigh’s last expedition to America in 1617. It was stout and built for combat armed with 16 guns, but on this final journey, it would cross paths with the most intense hurricane in New England history.

1280px-great_colonial_hurricane_of_1635_trackMost likely track of the Great Colonial Hurricane of August 26, 1635, with hourly positions and central pressure in millibars. Source: Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory

Alan Dunham of the National Weather Service office in Taunton reviewed accounts from mariners and settlers of New England and pieced together an estimated storm track and surge pattern for the Great Colonial Hurricane of Aug. 25-26, 1635, which reportedly “caused ye…

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