Ipswich Clam Box, 246 High St. (1935)

Clam Box

Mr. Richard J. Greenleaf, Jr. devised the design of this building constructed it with the aid of his brother-in-law and a carpenter. The design was based on the box in which fried clams were sold. The building was originally constructed of homasote and was painted silver with red trim. The stand was immediately successful: 50 to 80 gallons of clams were sold per week. The stand became famous for its fried clams and for its architecture. Mrs. Greenleaf’s brother, a shellfish dealer in Rowley, gave them the pick of his clams. The Greenleafs sold the business in 1962. The next owner added the one-story dining room around the box.

The Clam Box Ipswich MA, about 1960

Clam Box about 1960

Ipswich MA Clam box circa 1980

Ipswich Clam Box, circa 1980

Ipswich Clam Box 1945 from the Library of Congress site

Ipswich Clam Box in 1945, from the Library of Congress site