Featured image: a reunion of the founding members of the Ipswich Methodist Church, photo by Edward Darling.

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    1. Great question– I’m not sure the people in the photo are identified, but I will check. The original members of the Methodist Church, received at its organization in 1822 were: Daniel B. Lord, Charlotte Smith, Aaron Treadwell, Widow Hannah Meady, Charles Dodge, Mary Martin, Hannah T. Lord, Dorcas Fowler, Abigail Lord, Mrs. Martha Russell, Joannah Boss, Mrs. Maria Lamson, Elizabeth Treadwell, Mrs. Lucy A. Jewett, Mary G. Harris, Mrs. Susan Wait, Elizabeth Grow, Harriet Lord, Emme (Amy) Gould, Susan Underhill, Mary Warner, Mrs. Mary Ann Potter, Lucretia Perkins, Mrs. Eliza Dodge, with Rev. Aaron Waitt, the first preacher.

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