39 – 41 High Street, the Daniel Lummus house (1686)

39 - 41 High Street, the Daniel Lummus house (1686)
39 – 41 High Street, the Daniel Lummus house (1686)

The Daniel Lummus House at 39-41 High Street is a recent addition to known 59 First Period Houses in Ipswich (Colonial era homes built between 1625 and 1725).

This house stands on the nine acre grant to Governor Thomas Dudley. This was the home of Daniel Lummus. Jonathan Lummus bequeathed “a small piece of land out of my homestead adjoining to his homestead” to his son Daniel Lummus, “to make a convenient way to his barn.” in 1728. The 1686 structure was significantly rebuilt in 1746.

After it was purchased by Al Boynton and Kathy Bruce, they discovered that it was full of first period elements that would date before 1720, as early as 1686. Kathy and Al have dedicated much of their time and energy to renovating the property. They received the 2012 Mary Conley Award for historic preservation from the Ipswich Historical Commission.

Ipswich architect Mat Cummings discovered hand-made plaster lathe, chestnut flooring, paneling similar to the nearby Day Dodge House, and a large hidden brick fireplace!

Fireplace in the Daniel Lummus house
41 High St. Ipswich
MACRIS 41 High St. Ipswich
The Daniel Lummus house before renovations

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  1. What is the type of paint and paint color used on the front paneled door? Does it need repainting every few years? Thank you!

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