The Thomas Dennis house, 7 County St.

The house at 7 County Street dates to two periods. In 1663 Thomas Dennis built the rear section which has a rough-hewn frame and beveled summer beam indicating it to likely have been a one over one “half house.” The 5-bay front section of the  house dates to the 1750s. and has a more balanced Georgian floor plan typical of the mid 1700’s.

This House is protected by a Preservation Agreement between the owners, the town of Ipswich and the Historical Commission.  Protected elements include:

  • Front and side facades of the four room building facing County St.
  • Central Frame including primary and secondary members
  • Feather-edged paneling in the rear first-floor room
Fireplace in the Thomas Dennis house

Thomas Dennis (1638–1706), came from Devonshire, England, where he learned from a tradition of flourished carving.  Dennis himself was a master carver, and his work is found at other nearby homes, including the Dennis – Dodge House at the corner of Summer and County Street. His work is shown in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Concord Antiquarian Society and the Robert Hull Fleming Museum at the University of Vermont.

Massive summer beams carry the floor joists in the Thomas Dennis house
Massive summer beams carry the floor joists in the Thomas Dennis house
Thomas Dennis’ gravestone at the Old North Burying Ground in Ipswich
This chest is said to have been created by Thomas Dennis
Grace Dennis Gravestone
The Artisan of Ipswich: Craftsmanship and Community in Colonial New England