Featured image: The Pilgrim Fathers: Departure of a Puritan family for New England
1856 by Charles COPE


The settlers of Ipswich Massachusetts

Partial list, arranged alphabetically

From the “An American History” site

Mary Warner Adams
John Warner and Hannah Batchelder
Henry Batcheller
Joseph and Elizabeth Batcheller
Martha Bradstreet Beale
Joanna Blessing
Rebecca Bradstreet Bonfield
Bridget Bradstreet
Humphrey Bradstreet
John Bradstreet
Captain Moses Bradstreet
Crispus and Mary Brewer
Susannah Warner Brewer
Joseph and Sarah Collins
The Cummings Family
Abigail Estey Cumming
John Dane
John Dane 1612
Amos Davis
Elizabeth Batcheller Davis
Mary Kimball Dutch
Michael and Mary Dwinnell
lizabeth Fiske Dwinell
Stephen Dwinnell
Estey Family
Benjamin Estey
Isaac Estey, Jr
John Estey
Richard Estey
Ruth Fiske Estey
Fiske and Warner Families
Benjamin Fiske
Joseph Fiske and Susannah Warner
Mark Fiske
Theophilus Fiske
Ruth Fiske
Susannah Warner Fiske
Elizabeth Fiske Foster
Sarah Dwinell Foster
Martha Kimball Fowler
Elizabeth Gilbert
John Harris
Bridget Harris
Hannah Bradstreet Rolfe Holt
Mary Dunnell Hovey
Elizabeth Warner Heard
Elizabeth Kilham Hutton
Sarah Estey Gill Ireland
Abigail Kimbal
Benjamin Kimball
Cornet Benjamin Kimball
Caleb Kimball
John Kimball
John Kimball and Mary Bradstreet
John Kimball, Jr
Mary Bradstreet Kimball
Mary Jordan Kimball
Corporal Richard Kimball
Richard Kimball and Ursula Scott
Ursula Scott Kimball
Susanna Fiske Kilburn
Moses Kimball
Elizabeth Kimball Jewett
Daniel Kilham
Lot Kilham
Henry Kimball
Joseph Kimball
Richard Kimball
Thomas Kimball
Rebecca Kimball Lull
Knowlton Family
Mary Kimball Knowlton
The Moulton Family
The Perkins Family
Mary Estey Perkins
Hannah Fiske Platts
Estey Poole
Sarah Kimball Potter
Martha Whatlock Scott
Abigail Kimball Severens
Jonathan Stanhope, Jr
Susannah Ayre Stanhope
William Towne
Martha Fiske Underwood
Sarah Bradstreet Wallis
William Warner Family
Captain William Warner
Daniel Warner and Elizabeth Dane
Daniel Warner
Ensign Daniel Warner
Faith Browne Warner
Hannah Batchelder Warner
John Warner
John Warner
John Warner and Hannah Batchelder
Nathaniel Warner
Nathaniel Warner
Abigail Warner Wells
John Whipple

Early houses and land grants

A set of four maps portraying the locations of the early land grants in Ipswich was prepared by John W. Nourse, and is included in the book, Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony by Thomas Franklin Waters.





Graves and houses of the early inhabitants of Ipswich

The following photos are graves from the Old North Burial Ground in Ipswich, and houses or other places associated with those persons.  A complete list of burials is in the book Memento Mori, published by the Ipswich Historical Society in 1935.