Early settlers of Ipswich

Featured image: The Pilgrim Fathers: Departure of a Puritan family for New England
1856 by Charles COPE


Other Resources:

The settlers of Ipswich Massachusetts

Partial list, arranged alphabetically

Early houses and land grants

A set of four maps portraying the locations of the early land grants in Ipswich was prepared by John W. Nourse, and is included in the book, Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony by Thomas Franklin Waters.





Graves and houses of the early inhabitants of Ipswich

The following photos are graves from the Old North Burial Ground in Ipswich, and houses or other places associated with those persons. A complete list of burials is in the book Memento Mori, published by the Ipswich Historical Society in 1935.

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  1. Thanks, I added links at https://historicipswich.org/early-inhabitants-of-ipswich-massachusetts/.

    John Parish first appears at Braintree, MA in 1664 and soon afterwards is in Mendon, MA. In 1685 he married his second wife, Mary Wattell of Chelmsford, MA. They moved from Mendon to Chebacco Parish in Ipswich (now the town of Essex) after the Indian attacks of 1691-2. In Ipswich, four children were born to them: Sarah born 1692, William born 1694, Isaac born 1697 and Rachell born 1699. Prom Ipswich they removed to Connecticut, where, on 15 Nov. 1704, John Parish and Mary his wife were admitted to the first church of Preston by letter from the Ipswich church. Here he died in 1715.


  2. This is a fantastic resource. Many many thanks. I found a number of families that my ancestors married into on your list. However, I did notice one family missing from your list that I hope you will add — descendants of John Parish. Their book and genealogy is entitled ” New England Parish families ” by Roswell Parish. I am one of their direct descendants. . Thanks “Sam”


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