22 Mineral Street, the Ephraim Harris House (1696, alt. 1835)

The Ephraim Harris House at the corner of Mineral and Central Streets contains within it a first period home. The earliest sections of this house were built by the Warner family in 1696 on the north side of Market Street at the location of the Bank Ipswich today and remained at that location through the 1800’s.

In 1835, Ephraim Harris, builder, was commissioned by Capt. Robert Kimball to build a new house on his Market Street lot. The lot was already occupied by an old dwelling house built by Daniel Warner prior to 1666. Harris removed a portion of the Warner house to his own land at the corner of Central and Mineral Streets, and enlarged it. A chamfered summer beam running from girt-to-girt is a remaining first period feature in the earliest, western half of the house..


Photo looking at Mineral Street, by George Dexer, circa 1910. The Ephraim Harris house is on the left.

In 1997 a large tree fell on the house, crushing the roof. The owner replaced it with a much steeper roof, restoring its possible First Period appearance and providing living space in the attic.

Mineral Street (called “dirty lane” in the 1600’s) crossed the wet area that was eventually drained in the early 1800’s and continued to Washington Street, known then as Gravel Street because of the gravel pit near that intersection.


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