24 Fellows Road, the Fellows – Appleton House (1693 / 1832)

24 Fellows Road, the Fellows – Appleton House (1693 / 1832)

The earliest section of the Joseph Fellows – Daniel W. Appleton House at 24 Fellows Road was built before 1693. It was moved to this location and greatly altered by Daniel W. Appleton.

1856 Ipswich map Fellows Rd.

The 1856 map and 1872 map show Joseph Fellows and Daniel Appleton properties beside each other on Fellows Rd..

William Fellows was one of the early settlers of Ipswich, and his son Joseph greatly expanded the estate along Fellows and Candlewood Roads. This dwelling continued to be owned and occupied by the Fellows heirs.

Ruth Fellows was the widow of Joseph Fellows. Under Puritan law, a widow was allowed to own only one-third of her late husband’s estate. Her third was apportioned after her death to sons Daniel, William and Joseph. The widow Ruth had purchased 4 acres of John Low Jr. A house, barn and other buildings on her estate are mentioned in Joseph’s deed to William in 1714. William in all probability made his home with his mother. In the division of the estate, Joseph Jr. received the 2 acres previously deeded to him and 19 acres in the northwest part of the farm on Mile River.

Thomas Franklin Waters wrote, “This new dwelling is probably the ancient dwelling part of which is yet owned and occupied by the Fellows heirs, and the main building removed and remodelled is owned by the heirs of Daniel W. Appleton.” Daniel W. Appleton was born in 1833, died in 1903.

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