Ipswich First Period Houses

Ipswich, Massachusetts has 59 houses that were constructed or begun in the First Period (1625- 1725) of English settlement.

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The following is a list of First Period (1625-1725) houses in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Susan Nelson’s detailed listing for the Ipswich Historical Commission and MACRIS (the Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System) are the sources of much of the information provided below.

The First Period of colonial American architecture was approximately 1626 through 1725. There are more remaining first Period houses in Essex County, MA than anywhere else in the country, and Ipswich has 59, more surviving First Period homes than any other town. First Period houses have steeply pitched roofs, are asymmetrical due to having been built in phases, and feature large central chimneys. Exposed chamfered summer beams are almost always found, especially in the front rooms. First Period builders were often trained in English Medieval techniques. The fronts of these houses faced south to maximize heat from the sun’s rays, which explains why so many First Period homes line the north side of High Street in Ipswich.

Address House (photo) Year Post
43 Argilla Rd Burnham-Giddings 1650 Read
151 Argilla Rd Isaac Goodale 1670 Read
168 Argilla Rd Tilton-Smith 1706 Read
49 Candlewood Robert Kinsman 1714
7 County St Thomas Dennis 1670 Read
9 County St Benjamin Dutch 1700 Read
8 East St Matthew Perkins 1709 Read
30-32 East St Francis Jordan 1700 Read
76 East St Lakeman 1690 MACRIS
80 East St Perkins-Hodgkins 1700 Read
16 Fellows Rd Ruth Fellows 1714
12 Green St Andrew Burley 1688 Read
42 Heartbreak Thomas Low 1684 MACRIS
45 Heartbreak James Burnham 1687 MACRIS
13 High St Joseph Willcomb 1668 Read
17 High St Thomas Lord 1658 Read
26 High St Philip Call 1659 Read
27 High St Edward Brown 1650 MACRIS
33 High St Waldo-Caldwell 1660 Read
34 High St White Horse Inn 1658 Read
41 High St Daniel Lummus 1686 Read
45 High St Jonathan Lummus 1712 Read
52-54 High St Kingsbury-Lord 1660 Read
77 High St John Kimball 1680 Read
82 High St John Brewer 1700 MACRIS
88 High St Simon-Shatswell 1640 MACRIS
95 High St Simon Adams 1700 MACRIS
103 High St Merchant-Choate 1639 Read
104 High St John Kimball 1715 Read
106 High St Orange Shutters 1715 Read
22 Mineral St Ephraim Harris 1696 MACRIS
9-11 Summer Nathaniel Hovey 1718 MACRIS
15 Summer St Jonathan Pulcifer 1718 MACRIS
41 Turkey Shore Emerson – Howard 1640 Read

The following houses were built at the end of the First Period but are considered to be architecturally Second Period or are undocumented.

The Second Period refers to Colonial Georgian architecture, from approximately 1725 until the American Revolution, which ushered in the Federal era. While often similar to fine First Period homes, 2nd houses feature a planned balanced facade, pilasters, other ornamental details and chimneys on either end of the house. Most earlier homes were updated to appear Georgian as they were enlarged or remodeled, but the lack of symmetry and the large central chimneys remain.

168 Argilla Rd Tilton-Smith 1706 Read
5 County St Ringe-Leatherland 1718 Read
11 County St Bennett-Caldwell 1725 Read
47 County St Benjamin Grant 1735 Read
14 East St Baker-Newman 1725 Read
18 East St Dodge 1725 Read
26 East St Polly Dole 1720 Read
62 East St Wainwright-Treadwell 1727 Read
1 High St Rogers Old Manse 1727 Read
3 High St John Gaines 1725 Read
30 High St Joseph Bolles 1720 Read
37 High St Lord-Baker 1720 Read
73 High St Nathaniel Lord 1720 Read
115 High St Baker-Sutton 1725 Read
110 High St John Kimball Jr. 1730 Read
41 Linebrook Old Cross Farm 1716 Read
297 Linebrook Chapman 1720 MACRIS
50 North Main James Brown 1720 Read
2 Poplar St Swasey Tavern 1700 Read
59 South Main Philomen Dean 1716 Read
31 South Main Joseph Manning 1726 Read
69 South Main Samuel Dutch 1723 Read
3 Summer St Benjamin Kimball 1720 Read
5 Summer St Widow Fuller 1725 MACRIS
130 Topsfield Rd Robert Wallis 1747
1 Turkey Shore Burham-Patch 1730 Read
67 Turkey Shore Stephen Boardman 1725 Read
12 Water St Glazier – Sweet 1728 Read

Ipswich First Period Houses

Ipswich Second Period Houses

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