9 East St., Ipswich MA

9 East Street, the Foster Russell house (1856)

At 9 East Street is the Foster Russell House, was built between 1856 and 1872, according to historic maps. Foster Russell and Martha Hodgkins were married in Ipswich on January 29, 1829. Russell purchased the lot in 1855.

Ipswich 1910 map
Image from the 1910 map shows the home of Maynard Russell, son of Foster Russell and Martha Hodgkins.

Thomas Franklin Waters wrote that this lot was owned by the Rev. John Norton, pastor of the church in Ipswich from 1636-52, in his book, “Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony” Volume 1.

  • “Mr. Norton purchased Mr. Fawn’s house on East Street, on the site of the Foster Russell house.”
  • Samuel Hunt purchased the ancient Day-Dodge house at the corner of North Main and East Streets on Feb. 14, 1849 (408: 16).
  • “Mr. Hunt sold a half acre at the foot of his lot on East St. to Foster Russell and D. P. Nourse, May 9, 1855 (577: 129). Mr. Russell built the house now owned and occupied (in 1917) by his son, Maynard Russell.”
  • “The heirs of Mr. Hunt sold also a building lot to Mrs. Sadie B. Stockwell, upon which the dwelling was built, April 27, 1888 (1220: 73)”
  • “And another to James W. Perkins, April 12, 1890 (1275: 447).”
  • “The line between the Maynard Russell property and the lot adjoining on the southeast is probably the ancient division between the John Norton land, afterwards Wainwright, and the land of Dutch.”


Russell twins oldest in New England
Russell twins oldest in New England

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