George Haskell house, 66 Argilla Road, Ipswich MA

66 Argilla Road, the George Haskell house (1855)

George Haskell, a native of Ipswich or Newburyport, constructed the large white house on Argilla Road at the base of Heartbreak Hill in 1855-56. By profession a lawyer, he was a trustee of the Ipswich Public Library.

George Haskell established an  orchard at this location. Very much a gentleman farmer of the times, he also invested his time in the quest for the ultimate grape to make wine in New England. Family lore says he cultivated a variety but kept it secret after being overlooked by the Massachusetts Horticulture Society.  Ephraim Bull won the Horace Greeley Award in 1866 for the Concord Grape. (George proclaimed the Concord made absolutely terrible wine.)

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