17th and 18th Century houses tour

This tour of First Period and early Second Period houses in Ipswich Architectural Preservation District starts from the Ipswich Public Library on Meeting House Green, and proceeds to the East End along the Ipswich River, the High Street Historic District, returning on North Main Street to Meeting House Green.

From the Library, continue to downtown and cross the Choate Bridge to South Main StreetSouth Main Street and the South Green, with includes early houses on County Rd and Poplar St.

(Houses are listed numerically, and may not be in the order that they are visited. View an interactive map of this tour on Google Maps.

East End Historic District

Green Street

Turkey Shore

Water Street

Summer Street

County Street

East Street

High Street Historic District

Meeting House Green Historic District

 South Green Historic District

This map below shows all of the houses. The blue line is a 1.5 mile shorter version of the walking tour, starting from the Ipswich Public Library.