Ipswich at MACRIS

MACRIS is the Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System. The following houses are from a search of Ipswich structures in the collected files. Go to MACRIS to view the complete list of structures.

Inv.Property NameStreetYear 
IPS.AIpswich Village  
IPS.BDamon Farm II  
IPS.CLinden Street Mansards  
IPS.DUpper Summer Streetscape   
IPS.EMeeting House Green District  
IPS.FMineral Street Victorians  
IPS.GCentral Street Commercial Blocks  
IPS.HBrownville Avenue Mill Housing  
IPS.IIpswich Mills Historic District  
IPS.JSouth Green District  
IPS.KHigh Street District  
IPS.LCounty Street Victorians  
IPS.MEast End District  
IPS.NDamon Farm  
IPS.OShepherd Farm  
IPS.PIpswich Mills Survey Area  
IPS.QBroadway Avenue Streetscape  
IPS.RCottage – Brown Streetscape  
IPS.SBrownville Avenue Streetscape   
IPS.TBurley Streetscape  
IPS.UFifth Streetscape  
IPS.VFirst Streetscape  
IPS.WFirst Streetscape II  
IPS.XLiberty Streetscape  
IPS.YPeatfield Streetscape  
IPS.ZPeatfield Streetscape II  
IPS.AAPleasant Streetscape  
IPS.ABRiver Court – Estes Streetscape  
IPS.ACSecond Streetscape  
IPS.ADSixth Streetscape  
IPS.540 2 Agawam Ave1763 
IPS.541 4 Agawam Ave1925 
IPS.1Carey, Augustus E. – Hobbs, Capt. John House6 Agawam Ave1855
IPS.2Newmarch, Martha – Spiller, Hannah House8 Agawam Ave1800
IPS.3Bolleg, N. J. House12 Argilla Rd1900
IPS.4Brown, T. House13 Argilla Rd1840
IPS.5Dexter, George G. House and Photography Studio15 Argilla Rd1893
IPS.37Caldwell, Capt. Ebenezer House16 Argilla Rd1851
IPS.6Wade, Samuel – Canney, S. F. House19 Argilla Rd1845
IPS.468Giddings, George – Burnham, Thomas House37 Argilla Rd1685
IPS.464Smith House142 Argilla Rd1725
IPS.633Goodale, Isaac House153 Argilla Rd1695
IPS.630Castle Hill – Great House, The290 Argilla Rd1925 
IPS.672Castle Hill – Main House – Garage290 Argilla Rd1910 
IPS.673Castle Hill – Main House – Gate Lodge290 Argilla Rd1927 
IPS.690Castle Hill – Main House – Guard House290 Argilla Rd1989 
IPS.691Castle Hill – Main House – Guard House290 Argilla Rd1989 
IPS.208Kirk, W. H. House41 Avery St1900
IPS.300 2 Broadway Ave1920
IPS.372Brown Stocking Mill Company Workers Housing24 Broadway Ave1907 
IPS.373Brown Stocking Mill Company Workers Housing26 Broadway Ave1907
IPS.374Brown Stocking Mill Company Workers Housing28 Broadway Ave1907
IPS.375Brown Stocking Mill Company Workers Housing30 Broadway Ave1907
IPS.376Brown Mill Company Workers Housing32 Broadway Ave1907
IPS.301Barkowski, Alex House33 Broadway Ave1922
IPS.377Carey, Timothy House8 Brown St1890
IPS.184Essex Hosiery Company Workers Housing10 Brown St1900
IPS.379Cogswell, Woodbury I. House12 Brown St1890
IPS.380Mitchell, Isaac – Ralph House14 Brown St1890
IPS.381Leno House16 Brown St1890
IPS.406Brown Stocking Mill Company Workers Housing3 Burleigh Pl1907
IPS.407Brown Stocking Mill Company Workers Housing5 Burleigh Pl1907
IPS.631Kinsman, Benjamin House53 Candlewood Rd  
IPS.114Ipswich Fire HouseCentral St1910
IPS.113Ipswich Memorial Hall Building23 Central St1921
IPS.116 79 Central St1890
IPS.112Johnson, W. L. House88 Central St1880
IPS.115Collins House89 Central St1880
IPS.704Baker, George W. House108 Central St1872
IPS.383 1 Cottage St1890
IPS.460Reed, George C. House2 Cottage St1890 
IPS.461Pray, Eli E. House4 Cottage St1890 
IPS.7Wade, Asa – Cogswell – Goodhue Grocery Store52 County Rd1836
IPS.8Locke, Calvin House58 County Rd1835
IPS.491 60 County Rd1935 
IPS.9Giddings, David House62 County Rd1828
IPS.25Wade, Asa House64 County Rd1831
IPS.10Wade, Samuel House68 County Rd1831
IPS.492 70 County Rd1900 
IPS.11Brown, Mary – Manning, Judith House72 County Rd1835
IPS.12Welch, Rev. Moses House74 County Rd1829
IPS.13Burnham – Appleton, Oliver – Brown, Nathan House76 County Rd1775
IPS.14Wade, Capt. Thomas and Col. Nathaniel House78 County Rd1727
IPS.493 80 County Rd1872
IPS.494 82 County Rd1810
IPS.495 84 County Rd1900
IPS.15 85 County Rd1815
IPS.496First Church Parsonage86 County Rd1860
IPS.165Ascension Memorial ChurchCounty St1869
IPS.542 2 County St1890
IPS.543 3 County St1900
IPS.544 4 County St1900
IPS.17Ringe, Richard – Leatherland – Clark House5 County St1718
IPS.18Dennis, Thomas House7 County St1670
IPS.19Dutch, Benjamin House9 County St1705
IPS.20Dennis, John – Dodge, Capt. Ignatius House10 County St1745
IPS.21Bennett, Joseph – Caldwell, Capt. Sylvanus House11 County St1725
IPS.545 12 County St1890
IPS.22Frisbie, Rev. Levi House15 County St1788
IPS.23Knowlton, Abraham – Fitz, Bethia House16 County St1750
IPS.546 17 County St1890
IPS.547 19 County St1890
IPS.548Kimball, N. S. House25 County St1875
IPS.551Dunnells, J. M. House26 County St1875
IPS.550Bond, C. W. House27 County St1875
IPS.553Stone, Asa House28 County St1875
IPS.552Ipswich Methodist Parsonage29 County St1875
IPS.24Grant, Benjamin House47 County St1735
IPS.16Rust, Nathaniel Mansion83 County St1665
IPS.586 A East St1932
IPS.50Jordan, Robert House2 East St1863
IPS.554 3 East St1860
IPS.555 4 East St1880
IPS.556 6 East St1800
IPS.48Stockwell, Sadie B. House7 East St1888
IPS.55Perkins, Capt. Matthew House8 East St1709
IPS.557 9 East St1870
IPS.558 10 East St1837
IPS.559 12 East St1870
IPS.560 13 East St1870
IPS.62 14 East St1725
IPS.561 15 East St1870
IPS.54Lakeman, Richard – Johnson, Arthur House16 East St1835
IPS.51Dodge House18 East St1725
IPS.188Fellows, Moses A. House20-22 East St1873
IPS.562 21 East St1870
IPS.47Stanwood Wool Pulling Mill23 East St1830
IPS.563 23 East St1870
IPS.60Staniford, John – Dole, Polly House26 East St1720
IPS.56Caldwell, Elizabeth House27 East St1740
IPS.61Jordan, Francis – Snelling, Jeffrey House30 East St1700
IPS.564 31 East St1870
IPS.565 33 East St1830
IPS.59Wait, Luther House35 East St1810
IPS.310Ipswich Mills Workers Housing6 Fourth St1860
IPS.427Ipswich Mills Company Workers Housing7 Fourth St1910
IPS.659Ipswich Mills Company Workers Housing8-10 Fourth St1850
IPS.483Perkins House2 Green St1865
IPS.549 9 Green St1800
IPS.68Burley, Andrew House – Smith, Capt. John Tavern10 Green St1688
IPS.587 16 Green St1830
IPS.67Stanwood, Isaac Jr. House18 Green St1812
IPS.588 22 Green St1850
IPS.589 24 Green St1860
IPS.590 26 Green St1880
IPS.591 28 Green St1835
IPS.592 30 Green St1870
IPS.311Ipswich Gas Light Company Generator House22 Hammett St1900
IPS.465Low, Thomas House36 Heartbreak Rd1700
IPS.469Burnham, James House37 Heartbreak Rd1690
IPS.214Ipswich Clam Box RestaurantHigh St1938
IPS.216Ipswich Water Works Pumping StationHigh St1894
IPS.140Rogers, Rev. Nathaniel House1 High St1727
IPS.118Gaines, John House3 High St1725
IPS.499 4 High St1850
IPS.500 5 High St1930
IPS.501Whittier Funeral Home6 High St1890
IPS.502 7 High St1930
IPS.503 8 High St1900
IPS.139Newman, Samuel House9-11 High St1762
IPS.504 10 High St1920
IPS.120Russell, William S. House12 High St1890
IPS.138Willcomb, Joseph House13 High St1668
IPS.506 14 High St1875
IPS.135Manning, Jacob Jr. House16 High St1818
IPS.137Roberts, Robert – Lord, Thomas House17 High St1658
IPS.507 19 High St1880
IPS.141Haskell, Mark – Lord, Daniel House23 High St1750
IPS.508 24 High St1875
IPS.509 25 High St1870
IPS.117Call, Philip House26 High St1659
IPS.134Brown, Edward House27 High St1650
IPS.510 29 High St1870
IPS.133Bolles, Joseph House30 High St1722
IPS.511 31 High St1880
IPS.119Waldo – Caldwell, John House33 High St1660
IPS.132Andrews, Cpl. John – Dummer, Richard House34 High St1650
IPS.513 36 High St1890
IPS.131Lord, Robert III – Baker, Samuel House37-39 High St1720
IPS.514 38 High St1875
IPS.130Caldwell, William House40 High St1733
IPS.129Lummus, Daniel House41 High St1740
IPS.128Holland, John – Ringe, Daniel House42 High St1742
IPS.127Fitts, James – Manning, Nathaniel – Tyler House43 High St1767
IPS.126Newman, Anna Ringe and Elisha House44 High St1800
IPS.125Lummus, Jonathan House45 High St1712
IPS.515 46 High St1930
IPS.516 48 High St1890
IPS.124Kingsbury, Henry – Lord, Robert House52 High St1660
IPS.517 53 High St1870
IPS.518 55 High St1870
IPS.519 56 High St1860
IPS.123Stone, Robert – Robbins – Rust House57 High St1750
IPS.520 58 High St1870
IPS.521 60 High St1870
IPS.522 61 High St1870
IPS.523 62 High St1860
IPS.122Harris, John – Jewett, Mark House64 High St1795
IPS.121Wood, John – Lord House68 High St1727
IPS.524 71 High St1870
IPS.160Perley – Roper – Dutch – Lord House73 High St1720
IPS.159Kimball, John – Lord – Burnham House75 High St1690
IPS.525 79 High St1835
IPS.151Brewer, John – Low, Daniel House82 High St1690
IPS.158His Majesty’s Jail – Old Jail,The83 High St1771
IPS.526 84 High St1830
IPS.157Warner, Elizabeth K. – Lord, Philip – Fewkes House85 High St1774
IPS.527 87 High St1830
IPS.149Tuttle, Simon – Lord, Capt. John House88-90 High St1700
IPS.528 89 High St1830
IPS.529 91 High St1870
IPS.156Jewett, John Cole House93 High St1810
IPS.530 94 High St1870
IPS.155Adams, Simon House95 High St1710
IPS.531 96 High St1860
IPS.145Merchant, William – Choate House97-99 High St1671
IPS.532 98 High St1860
IPS.143Fowler, Joseph House100 High St1750
IPS.533 102 High St1870
IPS.144Kimball, John House104 High St1715
IPS.154Kimball, Caleb House106 High St1715
IPS.146Baker, William – Sutton House107 High St1725
IPS.153Dow – Harris House108 High St1735
IPS.152Kimball, John Jr. House110 High St1735
IPS.200Tibbets, Henry – Fowler, John J. House114 High St1860
IPS.148Brown’s Manor115 High St1886
IPS.201Rutherford, Samuel P. – William F. House116 High St1860
IPS.202Rutherford, Aaron A. House118 High St1865
IPS.203Archer, Nathaniel House120 High St1860
IPS.204Jewett, Henry C. House122 High St1878
IPS.147King, Joseph House124 High St1856
IPS.207Russell, Daniel L. House126 High St1855
IPS.209Rutherford House145 High St1915
IPS.213Rutherford, John W. Barn203 High St1850
IPS.215Spiller, William B. House208 High St1860
IPS.217Guilford, Charles B. House232 High St1879
IPS.218Appleton House236 High St1830
IPS.219Potter, Asa T. House238-240 High St1865
IPS.220Pickard, Jacob Jr. House242 High St1812
IPS.221Nourse, Daniel House243 High St1809
IPS.222Bailey, Oliver A. House and Shoe Shop246 High St1860
IPS.223Dillon, James House248 High St1904
IPS.224Pearson, Stephen Farm House256 High St1808
IPS.225Jewett, Capt. Moses House257 High St1759
IPS.476Jewett, Capt. Moses Barn257 High St 
IPS.226Jewett, Amos House259 High St1834
IPS.474Jewett, Amos Everett Barn259R High St1907
IPS.475Jewett, Amos Greenville Shoe Shop259 High St1850
IPS.227Jewett, Apphia House261 High St1858
IPS.223Dillon, James House248 High St1904
IPS.224Pearson, Stephen Farm House256 High St1808
IPS.225Jewett, Capt. Moses House257 High St1759
IPS.476Jewett, Capt. Moses Barn257 High St 
IPS.226Jewett, Amos House259 High St1834
IPS.474Jewett, Amos Everett Barn259R High St1907
IPS.475Jewett, Amos Greenville Shoe Shop259 High St1850
IPS.227Jewett, Apphia House261 High St1858
IPS.228Howe, Capt. George Washington House263 High St1850
IPS.229Jewett, Aaron – Cate, Mark F. House265 High St1780
IPS.230Fox, Jonathon Crowell Heel Manufactory266 High St1880
IPS.231Donovan, Annie House271 High St1915
IPS.593Grant, Ephraim House2 Hovey St1846
IPS.104Kendricks, John House3 Hovey St1670
IPS.595Ellsworth House6 Hovey St1870
IPS.46Merrill, Ezra – Kimball, Kate M. House2 Jeffrey’s Neck Rd1839
IPS.45Sanborn, Oliver L. House6 Jeffrey’s Neck Rd1855
IPS.470Paine – Dodge House49 Jeffrey’s Neck Rd1695
IPS.466Ross Tavern52 Jeffrey’s Neck Rd1680
IPS.205King, Abbie F. House5 Kimball Ave1885
IPS.206Brown, J. House15 Kimball Ave1900
IPS.471Boston and Maine Railroad – MBTA Section HouseKimball St1900
IPS.467Labor in Vain Road HouseLabor in Vain Rd1725
IPS.316Assumption Greek Orthodox ChurchLafayette Rd1934
IPS.312Abbott, Joseph D. House11 Lafayette Rd1900
IPS.313Porter, John L. House15 Lafayette Rd1922
IPS.314Poirier, Augustus House21 Lafayette Rd1915
IPS.315Marcaurelle – Beaulier – Poirier House23 Lafayette Rd1915
IPS.183Howe, Levi L. House11 Liberty St1865
IPS.317Brown, Charles E. House12 Liberty St1890
IPS.318Brown, George B. House14 Liberty St1898
IPS.319Davis, C. W. – Russell, John W. House15 Liberty St1870
IPS.428Curtis, Martha E. House16 Liberty St1885
IPS.429Nutt, William House18 Liberty St1885
IPS.232Woodbury, G. House5 Linebrook Rd1850
IPS.234Caldwell, C. House6-8 Linebrook Rd1850
IPS.233Woodbury, G. House7 Linebrook Rd1895
IPS.235Roggers House10 Linebrook Rd1875
IPS.237Gould, J. – Webster, Enos House28 Linebrook Rd1850
IPS.238Donlan, P. House31 Linebrook Rd1875
IPS.239Dickerson, D. – Potter, J. O. House32 Linebrook Rd1855
IPS.240Jewett, N. House34 Linebrook Rd1860
IPS.190Cross Farm House41 Linebrook Rd1770
IPS.241Kimball, Phillip House49 Linebrook Rd1901
IPS.189Harte House51 Linebrook Rd1650
IPS.242Howe, T. A. House55 Linebrook Rd1890
IPS.473Howe, T. A. Barn61 Linebrook Rd1890
IPS.243Chapman, D. G. House63 Linebrook Rd1880
IPS.244Bryant House64 Linebrook Rd1816
IPS.245 69 Linebrook Rd1915
IPS.246Low, George House70 Linebrook Rd1885
IPS.249Pickard, H. J. and W. P. House203 Linebrook Rd1860
IPS.250Burns, J. House215 Linebrook Rd1880
IPS.251Potter, S. House221 Linebrook Rd1860
IPS.252Scotton, F. House231-233 Linebrook Rd1880
IPS.253Garrette, William E. – Marini Farm House259 Linebrook Rd1877
IPS.255Small House282 Linebrook Rd1840
IPS.257Conant – Tenney House282 Linebrook Rd1895
IPS.482Small Barn282 Linebrook Rd 
IPS.256Chapman House297 Linebrook Rd1720
IPS.258Conant, Dea. William Foster House306 Linebrook Rd1833
IPS.259Conant, William House315 Linebrook Rd1775
IPS.260Peabody, John House and Shoe Shop316 Linebrook Rd1850
IPS.261Conant, Daniel House320 Linebrook Rd1875
IPS.263Conant, Joseph House341 Linebrook Rd1835
IPS.264Foster, J. – Conant, Cyrus William House347 Linebrook Rd1845
IPS.267Foster, Thomas House and Shoe Shop376 Linebrook Rd1800
IPS.481Perley, David Tullar Farm Barn383 Linebrook Rd1880
IPS.273Howe, Emerson House384 Linebrook Rd1810
IPS.268Perley, David Tullar Farm House387 Linebrook Rd1880
IPS.270Linebrook Parish Congregational Church391 Linebrook Rd1848
IPS.271Perley, David Tullar House393 Linebrook Rd1850
IPS.272Guilford, Alvin T. House396 Linebrook Rd1835
IPS.274Morse, Dea. Timothy Jr. House403 Linebrook Rd1817
IPS.275 411 Linebrook Rd1938
IPS.280Perley Out Building416 Linebrook Rd1850
IPS.276Perley, Eliza H. House419 Linebrook Rd1840
IPS.277Howe, Abraham Barn421 Linebrook Rd1725
IPS.281Perley, Allen Farm House – Perley, C. M. Dairy439 Linebrook Rd1784
IPS.161Payne School1 Lord’s Sq1802
IPS.212Wile, Edmund Farm House20 Lowe’s Ln1910
IPS.477Wile, Edmund Farm Barn20 Lowe’s Ln1910
IPS.535 21 Manning St1930
IPS.534 26 Manning St1930
IPS.320Burke, Harland House3 Maple Ave1916
IPS.321Tozer, Arthur H. House4 Maple Ave1915
IPS.322Baxter, G. – Campbell Frank House5 Maple Ave1890
IPS.323Nason, Fred A. House7 Maple Ave1896
IPS.324Bodwell, William H. House16 Maple Ave1890
IPS.696Wait Shoe Factory10 Market St1832
IPS.697Wait, Abram D. House12 Market St1832
IPS.698Lord, Moses House16-18 Market St1800
IPS.699Stacey – Ross House20 Market St1733
IPS.485Ipswich Christian Science Church17 Meeting House Green1933
IPS.84Old Parsonage19 Meeting House Green1799
IPS.96Coburn, Stephen and Lucy House20 Meeting House Green1845
IPS.80Cogswell, Theodore F. House – Cogswell Apartments21 Meeting House Green1880
IPS.85Kimball, Charles House22 Meeting House Green1834
IPS.88Colonial Building24 Meeting House Green1904
IPS.83Ipswich Odd Fellows Lodge – Telephone Exchange25 Meeting House Green1817
IPS.87Ipswich Methodist Church27 Meeting House Green1859
IPS.486Agawam Hotel, Old30 Meeting House Green1880
IPS.487Waite House33 Meeting House Green1865
IPS.488 34 Meeting House Green1887
IPS.99Pulcifer, William Commercial Block38 Meeting House Green1836
IPS.97Manning, Dr. John – McKean, Dr. William House40 Meeting House Green1769
IPS.100Post Office, Old – Rogers, Daniel Silversmith Shop42 Meeting House Green1763
IPS.101Brewer, John House and Store44 Meeting House Green1825
IPS.186Ipswich Savings Bank23 Market St1892
IPS.700Jewett, Aaron House24 Market St1830
IPS.701Farley Shoe Factory25 Market St1840
IPS.472U. S. Post Office – Ipswich Main Branch27 Market St1939
IPS.702Young, George G. Building39 Market St1890
IPS.187Bailey House40 Market St1900
IPS.325Lord, J. – Sullivan, John J. House42 Market St1850
IPS.703Mann, Josiah House49 Market St1867
IPS.109First Church of Ipswich – Chapel and VestryMeeting House Green1832
IPS.484Ipswich First ChurchMeeting House Green1973
IPS.106Farley, Joseph House1 Meeting House Green1842
IPS.108Pulsifer, Capt. Israel House4 Meeting House Green1812
IPS.95Stanwood, Ebenezer House6-8 Meeting House Green1747
IPS.107Kimball, Rev. David T. House6 Meeting House Green1808
IPS.94Nathaniel Treadwell’s Inn16 Meeting House Green1741
IPS.89Flichtner, Dr. Isaac House45 Meeting House Green1859
IPS.90Farley, George House47 Meeting House Green1888
IPS.164Johnson, John A. House48 Meeting House Green1871
IPS.102Chapman, John House49 Meeting House Green1770
IPS.489Dodge, Harry K. House50 Meeting House Green1890
IPS.82Lord, Sarah House51-53 Meeting House Green1849
IPS.81Damon, James House52 Meeting House Green1866
IPS.111Morley, Thomas – Brown, James House54 Meeting House Green1750
IPS.326Baker, Charles H. House3 Mineral St1870
IPS.327Ward, James L. House4 Mineral St1860
IPS.462 7 Mineral St1890
IPS.463Philbrook, J. J. House9 Mineral St1870
IPS.163Wise, Joseph and John House and Saddle Shop12 Mineral St1801
IPS.162Harris, Ephraim B. House20 Mineral St1666
IPS.210Mitchell Farm House100 Mitchell Rd1800
IPS.211Mitchell Farm Barn102 Mitchell Rd1750
IPS.328Carey, Timothy – Koffman, Jacob House2 Mount Pleasant Ave1925
IPS.329Brown Mill Company Workers Housing9 Mount Pleasant Ave1875
IPS.330Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church Rectory10 Mount Pleasant Ave1889
IPS.181St. Joseph’s Catholic Church12 Mount Pleasant Ave1872
IPS.331Brown Mill Company Workers Housing13-15 Mount Pleasant Ave1890
IPS.333Gilman, John House19 Mount Pleasant Ave1925
IPS.334Duval, Napoleon Grocery Store28 Mount Pleasant Ave1915
IPS.335Burley School31 Mount Pleasant Ave1908
IPS.336Kmiechi’s Grocery Store38 Mount Pleasant Ave1905
IPS.278Foster, Philomen House3 Newbury Rd1787
IPS.479Foster Barn3 Newbury Rd1787
IPS.480Howe, Nathaniel Shoe Shop3 Newbury Rd1850
IPS.279Perley, Joseph Burpee House6 Newbury Rd1865
IPS.92Appleton, Col. John House2 North Main St1707
IPS.86Ipswich Public Library23 North Main St1869
IPS.103Lovell, Thomas – Brown, James House56 North Main St1700
IPS.93Day, Nathaniel – Dodge, Col. Isaac House57 North Main St1737
IPS.98Treadwell, Nathaniel – Hale House60 North Main St1796
IPS.490Dodge House62 North Main St1870
IPS.91Rogers, Capt. Richard House64 North Main St1728
IPS.283Clark, Alexander B. House – Ipswich Bay Yacht Club120 North Ridge Rd1898
IPS.664Ipswich Mills Company Workers Housing22 Nursery Ct1900
IPS.665Ipswich Mills Company Day Nursery24 Nursery Ct1900
IPS.282Potter, Jacob Symonds House83 Oldright Rd1845
IPS.478Potter, Jacob Symonds Barn83 Oldright Rd1880
IPS.337Ipswich Mills Store House No. 21 Peatfield St1895
IPS.338Peatfield, James House2 Peatfield St1860
IPS.438Lord, George A. – Howe, Frank E. House19 Pleasant St1885
IPS.343Nason, Joseph A. House21 Pleasant St1875
IPS.344Harris, Stephen R. House22 Pleasant St1885
IPS.705Ipswich Antenna Station Transmitter BuildingPlover Hill Rd1956
IPS.35Swasey Tavern – Tucker, Dr. William House2 Poplar St1700
IPS.38Calef, Dr. John House7 Poplar St1671
IPS.345Bell, James R. House6 Putnam Rd1918
IPS.346Nikas – Karbatos – Karahalios – Markos House8 Putnam Rd1925
IPS.439Ipswich Mills Company Workers Housing1 River Ct1906
IPS.440Ipswich Mills Company Workers Housing2 River Ct1906
IPS.441Ipswich Mills Company Workers Housing3 River Ct1906
IPS.442Ipswich Mills Company Workers Housing4 River Ct1906
IPS.443Ipswich Mills Company Workers Housing5 River Ct1906
IPS.444Ipswich Mills Company Workers Housing6 River Ct1906
IPS.445Ipswich Mills Company Workers Housing7 River Ct1906
IPS.629Cable, Benjamin Stickney Memorial HospitalRte 1A1917
IPS.347Lord, W. – Damon, Curtis House3 Saltonstall St1860
IPS.669Ipswich Mills Company Workers Housing13 Second St1850
IPS.28Caldwell BlockSouth Main St1870
IPS.30Wilson, Shoreborne House4 South Main St1685
IPS.692Fuller House – Baker’s Store17-25 South Main St1738
IPS.29Hall, Mary – Haskell House20 South Main St1819
IPS.693Souther, Timothy House27-31 South Main St1726
IPS.27Ipswich Old Town Hall – Ipswich Unitarian Church30 South Main St1833
IPS.694Baker’s Store33-35 South Main St1828
IPS.41Heard, John – Heard, Capt. Augustine House40 South Main St1795
IPS.31Dean, Dr. Philomen House41 South Main St1722
IPS.26Dutch, Samuel House45 South Main St1723
IPS.695Jones – Caldwell House51-53 South Main St1728
IPS.40Whipple, John House53 South Main St1640
IPS.43Smith, Aaron House57 South Village Green1776
IPS.44Baker, Col. John House59 South Village Green1761
IPS.42Baker, David Boarding House – Gables, The61 South Village Green1846
IPS.498 63 South Village Green1935
IPS.64Burnham, William H. House2 Spring St1890
IPS.63Millet, George V. House13 Spring St1890
IPS.65Caldwell House15 Spring St1835
IPS.66Dow, Arthur Wesley House21 Spring St1888
IPS.598 2 Summer St1940
IPS.69Kimball, Benjamin House3 Summer St1720
IPS.599 4 Summer St1940
IPS.78Fuller, Elizabeth – Treadwell, Thomas House5 Summer St1725
IPS.79Treadwell, Thomas House7 Summer St1740
IPS.70Glazier, Daniel House and Out Building8 Summer St1845
IPS.601Hovey, Nathaniel House9-11 Summer St1718
IPS.602 10 Summer St1860
IPS.603 12 Summer St1860
IPS.604 13 Summer St1870
IPS.605 14 Summer St1900
IPS.606Pulcifer, Jonathan House15 Summer St1718
IPS.607 16 Summer St1870
IPS.608 17 Summer St1870
IPS.77Lakeman, Solomon House19 Summer St1750
IPS.609 24 Summer St1870
IPS.74Knowlton, Nathaniel House27 Summer St1688
IPS.610 28 Summer St1900
IPS.612 31 Summer St1870
IPS.611 32 Summer St1880
IPS.613 33 Summer St1940
IPS.614 34 Summer St1875
IPS.616 36 Summer St1870
IPS.615 37 Summer St1870
IPS.617 38 Summer St1880
IPS.71Foster, James – Grant, Ephraim House39 Summer St1717
IPS.618 40 Summer St1880
IPS.619 42 Summer St1870
IPS.76Willcomb, William – Pinder House43 Summer St1718
IPS.73Foster, James House46 Summer St1720
IPS.620 48 Summer St1870
IPS.349Ipswich Bread Company – Baking Company BuildingTopsfield Rd1915
IPS.185Brown, Jacob – Brown, William Gray House11 Topsfield Rd1830
IPS.350Brown, William Gray House13 Topsfield Rd1850
IPS.351Levesque, Frank H. House21 Topsfield Rd1923
IPS.355 25 Topsfield Rd1955
IPS.352Polish Catholic – Sacred Heart Church Rectory28 Topsfield Rd1908
IPS.353Polish Catholic – Sacred Heart Church28 Topsfield Rd1908
IPS.354Kelley, H. L. – Christopher, Thomas House29 Topsfield Rd1916
IPS.640Brown Stocking Mill Company Workers Housing35 Topsfield Rd1907
IPS.641Brown Stocking Mill Company Workers Housing37 Topsfield Rd1907
IPS.642Brown Stocking Mill Company Workers Housing39 Topsfield Rd1920
IPS.265Foster, John – Spiller, John Swift House59 Turnpike Rd1790
IPS.356Ipswich Mills Hosiery Manufacturing CompanyUnion St1880
IPS.360Saint Stanislaus Catholic ChurchWashington St1912
IPS.357Riley, Patrick House12 Washington St1880
IPS.358Riley, Patrick House14 Washington St1865
IPS.359Peatfield, Sanford House16 Washington St1860
IPS.361Bray, E. – Nourse, Daniel P. House22 Washington St1865
IPS.362Laffy, Michael – Chapman – Morrill House23 Washington St1880
IPS.459Bell, Charles H. House25 Washington St1890
IPS.363Grossman, Charles – Doucette, Denis House27 Washington St1890
IPS.364Geanakos Grocery Store28 Washington St1938
IPS.365Hill, Howard S. House30 Washington St1905
IPS.180Brown, George B. House31 Washington St1883
IPS.366Peatfield, James – Marble, J. S. House32-34 Washington St1860
IPS.367Goodhue, Ephraim House36-38 Washington St1875
IPS.368Smith, George W. – Pickard House43 Washington St1880
IPS.369Bamford, Charles W. House47 Washington St1885
IPS.236Haskell, D. – Ross, F. G. House60 Washington St1835
IPS.623Jewett, J. E. House4 Water St1880
IPS.174Preston – Foster House6 Water St1690
IPS.175Harris, Abner – Sutton, Capt. Ebenezer House8 Water St1715
IPS.178Glazier, Benjamin – Sweet House12 Water St1728
IPS.625 27 Water St1940
IPS.176Harris, John – Stanwood, John House28 Water St1696
IPS.624 29 Water St1950
IPS.626 31 Water St1935
IPS.173Sweet, Jabesh House32 Water St1713
IPS.627 33 Water St1940
IPS.628 35 Water St1932
IPS.177York, Capt. Samuel – Averill, Benjamin House36 Water St1715
IPS.370Burns, William House3 Wayne Ave1905
IPS.371Spencer, Isaac House10 Wayne Ave1905
IPS.34Wade, Mary House5 Woods Ln1792
IPS.32Plouff, Edward – Grant, William – Damon House6 Woods Ln1837
IPS.33Merrifield ‘Rosebank’ House7 Woods Ln1792

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