Ipswich Dinner Bell

Ipswich Dinner Bell

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Ipswich Dinner Bell is a town-wide collaboration among Ipswich churches, individuals, and groups including the Masons, Ipswich Rotary and Ipswich Lions Club. Initiated by a small group from Immanuel Baptist Church, the collaborators quickly grew to include the Our Lady of Hope Roman Catholic Church, First Presbyterian Church, United Methodist Church, Ascension Memorial Episcopal Church, First Church (Congregational), the Christian Science Church, the Greek Orthodox Church, and Orthodox Church of St. John.

Mission Statement: Knowing that hunger presents itself both physically and relationally, the Ipswich Dinnerbell is a non-profit cooperation of Churches and Community organizations that exists with a shared love of God and neighbor to serve hot, nutritious meals, free to all who come, and create a mealtime atmosphere of fellowship with one another.

Meals are served every Monday from 5:00-6:30 PM at the Masonic Hall 70 Topsfield Road Ipswich, MA.

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