Ipswich Genealogy Resources

Settlers and early inhabitants of Ipswich - The Puritan settlers of Ipswich arrived during the “Great Migration."Sources include "Early Inhabitants of Ipswich" by Abraham Hammatt, "Vital Records to 1850," and "Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony" by Thomas Franklin Waters.… Continue reading Settlers and early inhabitants of Ipswich
Ipswich Genealogy Resources - Vital Records to 1850, Early Inhabitants of Ipswich, Massachusetts, The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, and more.… Continue reading Ipswich Genealogy Resources
Ipswich burying grounds - Old North Burying Ground, Highland Cemetery, Old South Burying Ground, Leslie Road Burying Ground, Old and New Linebrook Cemeteries, Immigrant’s Cemetery, Locust Grove, and Chebacco Parish.… Continue reading Ipswich burying grounds
Arrival of English Puritans in New England Arrival of the English - Within three years of the arrival of the Winthrop fleet to New England, so many immigrants had arrived in Massachusetts Bay that Boston Neck could not hold them all. Perceiving a threat from the French, thirteen men arrived in 1633 to establish the town that would be named Ipswich a year later.… Continue reading Arrival of the English
Names of the Ipswich slaves - In 1641 the Massachusetts Bay Colony adopted a code of laws that made slavery legal. In 1755, the slaves in this town above the age of sixteen numbered sixty-two, but within ten years, public opinion began turn against slavery. In 1780, the present Constitution of Massachusetts was adopted, its first article asserting that all men are born free and equal.… Continue reading Names of the Ipswich slaves
Summer Street Ipswich MA circa 1900 Ipswich Genealogy Resources - Many people trace their roots back through several generations to Ipswich, one of the earliest towns in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. No community in this country is a more fulfilling destination for the genealogy tourist.… Continue reading Ipswich Genealogy Resources

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