Ipswich Historical Society

The Ipswich Historical Society was founded in 1896 by the Reverend Thomas Franklin Waters, the author of Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Volume I was published in 1905 and volume II in 1917. These two volumes are an encyclopedia of the history of the town.

The Ipswich town meeting of 1964, in order to take advantage of possibly available state and federal funds, voted into existence an Historical Commission, an official town body which is responsible for the preservation of the town’s historic resources. The Town Historian is a member of the Historical Commission and created this website.

In 2010, the Ipswich Historical Society was renamed the Ipswich Museum, featuring two significant properties, the Heard House built in 1800, and the Whipple House, dating to 1677.

The following papers were presented by Thomas Franklin Waters and other members of the Ipswich Historical Society during the late 19th and early 20th Century.


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  1. I am descended from Edward Lumas who came to Ipswitch in 1635. My wife is descended from the Whipple family. Somehow our families got to Georgia and we met at the University of Georgia in the mid 1950’s and married in 1960. I have a copy of the Essex Institute books bring my family up to my great-great grandfather, Franklin Hadley Lummus. My wife’s cousin did a book on her family and we were surprised to find the Whipple connection way back in the early 1600’s. Thought you might be interested in the old Ipswitch families marrying after all those years.

    Edward Lummus, Atlanta, Ga


  2. In 1956, the “Great Jack Gillespie” led his Ipswich High School Football team to many victories. What team defeated Ipswich that year and what was the score?


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