45 North Main Street, the Isaac Flitchner house (1860)

45 North Main Street, the Isaac Flitchner house (1860)

The Isaac Flitchner house at 45 North Main Street in Ipswich sits on the location of the former Captain John Lord house. In 1860 Michael Ready moved that house to Washington Street (Deed 607:206). Dr. Isaac Flitchner built this fine Italianate house on the lot, featuring flush board siding, ornate brackets, floral decorations, and a disc and scallop motif under the eaves.

This later was the home of Justice Charles Augustus Sayward who tried the 18 defendants in the 1913 Ipswich Mills riot. The industrial reputation of Ipswich was vigorously defended by Judge Sayward, and he stated as untrue the testimony of a Greek girl Poulitsa Bizou who claimed she was paid $2 /week, but was actually paid 5 1/2 cents for each dozen pairs of stockings produced. Another Greek girl Nicoletta Paudelopoulous was shot and killed in the riot.

The building now houses Morris Funeral Home.



  • Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Vol 1, page 321, by Thomas Franklin Waters

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