16 High Street, the Jacob Manning house (1818)

16 High Street, the Jacob Manning house (1818)

The following is taken from “A Walking Tour and Brief History of Early Ipswich Massachusettsproduced by the Ipswich Visitors Center, Marjorie Robie and William Varrell:

John Harris sold this property, which he had inherited from his father Job Harris to the town in 1795 to use as a Poor House. The town eventually acquired a larger site for use as a Poor Farm and sold the property to Jacob Manning in 1818. In that year he built this house in a small space between the Poor House and the Lord House next door. The former Poor House was taken down, but the frame is on display at the Massachusetts Museum of Fine Art


16 High Street, the Jacob Manning house (1818)
The Manning house frame is at the MFA in Boston
The frame of the Manning house built in Ipswich about 1692 at the intersection of Manning and High Streets is in the America’s wing of the MFA in Boston. It once served as the town’s Poor House. The Jacob Manning house is on the left, still standing.

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