17 Turkey Shore, Ipswich MA

17 Turkey Shore Road, the John Edward Norman house (1895)

In December 1895, Joshua E. Grant sold a rear lot facing Turkey Shore Road (formerly Prospect St.) from the family farm on Woods Lane (formerly Fruit St.) to John Edward Norman. Norman built this house at 17 Turkey Shore Road the following year. In 1935 the deed was transferred to John H. Hill by John E. Norman Jr.

In 1898, Joshua Grant sold an adjoining lot to Alfred Norman, whose house is also shown on the 1910 map.

Turkey Shore map 1910 Ipswich
Closeup from the 1910 Ipswich map. The J. E. Norman house is in the lower left

Thomas Franklin Waters wrote the following in his book, Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony:

“John E. Norman shipped as cabin boy out of Newburyport, when he was about fourteen years old, in the “Morning Star.” While he was first officer of the “Crown Point,” in 1863, she was captured and burnt by the “Alabama,” and her crew was put ashore on the coast of Africa.

He gained command of the ship “Rival” on China voyages. On a homeward voyage, laden with a valuable cargo of rice, tea and silk, the ship was lost with all hands. The Captain was only twenty-eight years old, leaving a widow and a young family.

It is presumed that this house was built by his son of the same name. Publication 25 of the Ipswich Historical Society relates the WWI military profile of a third John E. Norman:

“John Edward Norman Jr., born May 16 1897 at Ipswich, son of John E. and Emma A. Norman. Mustered in April 22, 1917: radio operator to IT SA Radio Station, Bar Harbor Me. Studied at Radio School at Harvard College for several months. In November he picked up an SOS call and promptly communicated with proper officials, who dispatched help. His name was sent to Washington for recognition by the Department. He was transferred to Deer Island, Boston, early in 1919, rated as first class operator for instruction in use of compass with wireless; Then to Gloucester for Coast Guard instruction; Assigned to Station Radio Compass, Appledore Island, rated as electrician in charge. Released Aug 22, 1919.”

John E. Norman was a member of the Ipswich Board of Assessors in the 1940’s.

17 Turkey Shore, Ipswich MA. Photo by Edward Darling, crica 1895.
17 Turkey Shore, Ipswich MA. Photo by Edward Darling, circa 1895.
17 Turkey Shore, Ipswich MA
17 Turkey Shore today
17 Turkey Shore Rd.
17 Turkey Shore


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