John Kimball house, 104 High St., Ipswich MA

104 High Street, the John Kimball house (1715)

The John Kimball house, 104 High St. was built in 1715 and is one of three “John Kimball” houses along High Street, two said to have been built by the father, the third by the son. The house at 77 High St. was built by John Kimball Sr., who died in 1698. The house at 110 High St. is also known as the John Kimball Jr. house, but is listed as having been built in 1730. This leaves the question of which John Kimball built 104 High St.

John Kimball Jr. was born in 1669, the grandson of Richard Kimball (an early settler of Ipswich). He made his living as a wheelwright and farmer. In 1696 his father John deeded him land at Kimball’s Point (location unknown). In 1726 he sold his house, and with his wife Sarah Goodhue, moved to Stonington, CT, then to Preston, CT, where he spent the rest of his life. (From the History of the Kimball Family and An American Family History.

The 1st period 2-story timber frame house has an unusual elongated end gable. Inside, the large keeping room on the left has a chamfered summer beam and dark brown tongue and groove sheathing from wide planks, while the rooms on the right side are smaller but with finer Federal finishing. View Macris

John Kimball House, 104 High Street Preservation Agreement

This house is protected by a preservation agreement between the owners and the Ipswich Historical Commission. Protected elements include:

  • Front and right facades of the section facing High St.
  • Central frame, primary and secondary members of the original four front rooms
  • Central chimney
  • Wooden architectural elements (molding, stairs, doors, paneling etc.) of the front hall facing High St.
Preservation agreement for the John Kimball house

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