John Lummus house, Ipswich MA

45 High Street, the John Lummus house (1712)

Jonathan Lummus served in King Philip’s War in 1675 was appointed a tithing man by the town in 1700. Lummus bought Captain Symon Stacy’s land and dwelling on High Street in 1712 (24:236). This parcel had originally been granted to Thomas Dudley, Governor of Massachusetts. It is believed that Lummus built his new house soon after his purchase on the cellar of the Dudley house..

The house underwent a careful restoration by Phillip Ross in 1964, at which time the original central chimney was removed. The early frame remains and the original window openings were determined. Two walls of excellent 18th century paneling exist on the second floor. Nogging was exposed in the two front rooms. Phillip Ross won the Mary Conley historic preservation award for restoration of the house.


The Jonathan Lumus house under restoration by Phillip Ross
45 High Street, the John Lummus house (1712)
Interior of the Jonathan Lummus house
The John Lummus house in 1898, from “An Account of Anne Bradstreet” by Luther Caldwell

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