The house at 30 High Street in Ipswich was built by Joseph Bolles, a carpenter. Bolles purchased the neighboring Phillip Call lot in 1710 from his father-in-law Nathaniel Lord, and bought this lot from Joseph Fowler with an acre of land and a house on it in 1722, which is the assumed date of this structure.

Joseph Fowler had obtained the pre-existing dwelling from his father Phillip, and the deed refers to a house, barns, shop and orchard “which I have owned since 1677.” Fowler sold the remainder of the property to Jeremiah Lord.

It is not stated whether Joseph Bolles tore down the old Fowler house to build this one, or incorporated the earlier structure into the 1722 house. It has an asymmetrical 5 bay façade and is extended in the rear.

Thomas Franklin Waters wrote the following:

Joseph Bolles bought of Joseph Fowler a house and an acre of land, March 5, 1722 (42: 79). Charles Bolles sold his grandson, John Manning 3d, surgeon, an acre and house, bounded by Nathaniel Lord east, and Capt. Ebenezer Lord west, the estate of his deceased father, Jan. 16, 1786 (161: 55). Dr. Manning sold the western part of the lot with a house…to Daniel Lord 3d, April 23, 1798 (163 : 117), and the heirs of Lord sold to Abraham Caldwell, whose heirs still own the property. Dr. Manning sold the eastern part and house to Ammi R. Smith, April 25, 1798 (163: 117). Smith bought a small piece of Nathaniel Lord 3d on the east of his lot, Dec. 9, 1820 (225: 219). Abby H. Smith, the executor of Samuel R. Smith sold this estate to John G. Caldwell, being the same conveyed to him by Zenas Cushing in 1850, July 25, 1876 (958: 194). The Caldwell heirs still own (as of the year 1900).


This photo of the Joseph Bolles house at 30 High St . is from the 1970's.
This photo of the Joseph Bolles house at 30 High St. is from the 1970’s.