The Linebrook Parish was incorporated in 1746 by an act of the Massachusetts Legislature as a “parish,” a region served by a particular church and its pastor. The building was originally located nearby on Leslie Road in Rowley. It was dismantled and re-erected on the new site in 1828. The building was taken down and the present church was built on that site in 1848 at a total cost of $2197.55.The chapel in the rear was added during the ministry of Mr. Alcott in the year 1897.

The church building now used by the Linebrook Church was built by the members of the Linebrook Parish in 1848, their third meetinghouse.

Photo of the Linebrook Church on the cover of the Tercentenary Service, September 15, 1930, in connection with the Massachusetts Tercentenary.

The church building was not occupied except sporadically from the early 1990’s until 2006, when the new Linebrook Church was formed. The building was, however, faithfully maintained by the assessors (trustees) of the Linebrook Parish in anticipation of being used once again as a church building.

Linebrook Church circa 1980 from the MACRIS site

This building is protected by a preservation agreement.  Protected elements include:

  • All front and side facades of the original building, including doors and windows, their frames, and trim
  • Steeple
  • Primary and secondary framing
  • Walls, floors, woodwork, wood trim, wainscoting and ceiling of the sanctuary, vestibule and gallery and stairways
  • Pulpit, pews and chandelier

The photo above by Ipswich photographer George Dexter appears to be Linebrook Church before 1897, (the year that the chapel was added.)  The basic design of the building and the topography highly suggest that this is Linebrook Church, but several there are a few differences:

  • There are six pilasters on the front. The current building has four boards and aluminum siding
  • There are no front windows in the current building.
  • There is no spire on the steeple
  • The stone wall has been moved since this photo was taken
  • We have no record of the gravestones beyond the stone wall.


Balcony and pews in the Linebrook church
The Linebrook School sat at the intersection of Linebrook and Leslie Roads.

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