This photo is from a glass plate negative, circa 1900 and may be flipped horizontally. Note that the steeple has changed, and the cemetery was moved.
Linebrook Parish Church, Ipswich MA
Linebrook Parish Church

The Linebrook Parish was incorporated in 1746 by an act of the Massachusetts Legislature as a “parish,” a region served by a particular church and its pastor. The church building now used by the Linebrook Church was built by the members of the Linebrook Parish in 1848, their third meetinghouse. Its historic nature and some of its contents have been the subject of news articles and books. The church building was not occupied except sporadically from the early 1990’s until 2006, when the new Linebrook Church was formed. The building was, however, faithfully maintained by the assessors (trustees) of the Linebrook Parish in anticipation of being used once again as a church building.  View MACRIS  View Property Data

This building is protected by a preservation agreement.  Protected elements include:

  • All front and side facades of the original building, including doors and windows, their frames, and trim
  • Steeple
  • Primary and secondary framing
  • Walls, floors, woodwork, wood trim, wainscotting and ceiling of the sanctuary, vestibule and gallery and stairways
  • Pulpit, pews and chandelier

Inside the Linebrook church Balcony and pews in the Linebrook church