37 High Street, Lord – Baker House (1720)

A house stood on this lot before 1682, when Abraham Perkins sold the property to Robert Lord. The house at 37 High St. is believed to have been built by Robert Lord III in 1720. The property continued in the Lord family until 1775, when Samuel Baker, felt-maker and hatter, purchased it. He probably kept his shop in the house.

An earlier Robert Lord was a blacksmith who made the heavy leg-irons secured to the victims of the Salem witchcraft hysteria who were jailed in Ipswich awaiting trial and execution. Samuel Baker bought the house from Samuel Lord IV in 1775.

Many early details remain in this house, including a raised field paneling, a summer beam and huge fireplace. A Beverly jog is on one side of the 2 story home.

Lord - Baker House, 37 High Street, Ipswich MA Lord – Baker House 37 High St.

Lord-Baker House, 37 High Street Preservation Agreement

This early 2nd period house is protected by a preservation agreement between the owners and the Ipswich Historical Commission. Protected elements include:

  • Exterior front and two end gables
  • Central frame including primary and secondary members
  • Central Chimney
  • Wooden architectural elements in the front hall and stairway, two front first floor rooms and two front second floor rooms of the original building.


The Lord-Baker house, High St.

The Lord-Baker house, High St.

The Lord-Baker house on High Street is in the background of this photo by Peter Zaharis (1918-2007)

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