The Lord – Sullivan -Haskell house at 56 Market Street was built in 1847.

Thomas Franklin Waters wrote that “Captain John Lord made his last voyage as master of the ship Miles Standish to Calcutta sailing May 17, 1855. They were preparing for the return the following March. The ship was nearly ready for sea, passengers had sent their baggage, the Captain’s daughter who had accompanied him had come aboard, when Capt Lord sickened with the prevailing fever and died on April 21st, 1856. In 1847 he had built for his residence the dwelling near the depot recently owned by Mr John J. Sullivan.”


The John J. Sullivan house is on the left in this old photo of the Ipswich Depot.

John J. Sullivan was an inventor. Among the patents he received were a button hole sewing machine in 1883, a thread-cutting attachment for sewing machines in 1903, and an improved hydrant in 1901. Sullivan was also the librarian for the Ipswich Historical Society in the same year.

Another owner of the house was grocer George Haskell. His Central Street store in the Wildes Block was destroyed in the great Central Street Fire on January 14, 1894.


Photo from MACRIS

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