Manning Street from the 1893 Birdeye Map of Ipswich.

Manning Street, a Victorian neighborhood

Featured image: Manning Street in the 1893 Birdseye map of Ipswich

Central Street was laid out in 1872, and Manning Street in 1882. Manning Street first appears in the 1884 Ipswich map, newly created, with no houses yet. The 1910 Ipswich map shows most of the houses now on the street, and Warren Street is extended from North Main to Manning Street. *Waters, Thomas Franklin: Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Vol. II

On High Street where Manning Street meets, two historic houses were taken down:

  • The “First Period” Caleb Lord house on the corner of High and Manning Streets was removed in 1927 and was replaced by the home of Bernard Sullivan at 26 Manning.
  • The “First Period” Manning house was taken down in 1925. The frame is on display at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

The names of the following houses are the owners of the homes from the 1910 Ipswich map:

1 Manning Street, Ipswich MA
F. H. Martin- Dr. McGinley house, 1 Manning St, circa 1880.This house originally faced Central Street, and was moved one lot back to face Manning St. A service station sits at its original location.
3 Manning Street, Ipswich MA.
3 Manning Street. An empty lot is shown on the 1910 Ipswich map, owned by E. W. Russell next door. It is not known when this house was constructed or if it was moved to this location.
6 Manning St.
6 Manning St., the H. K. Damon house, circa 1890
7 Maanning Street Ipswich MA
7 Manning St., the E W. Russell house, circa 1890. Russell worked as a dyer at the Ipswich Mills, where he resigned in 1910.
8 Manning Street, Ipswich MA
8 Manning Street, the Robert Jordan house, circa 1890
9 Manning St.
9 Manning St., the Albert P. Hills house (circa 1890). Hills owned a grocery on North Main Street.
10 Manning Street, the G. Haskell house (circa 1900)
12 Manning St.
12 Manning Street, the Edward T. Pike house (1885) Mortgage recorded at Salem Deeds.
13 Manning St., owned by “Mrs. Fields” in the 1910 map, construction date listed in the town assessors database as 1870.
14 Manning St.
14 Manning St. (circa 1900)
15 Manning St.
15 Manning St., circa 1920
16 Manning St., the G. A. Lord house, circa 1900.
16 Manning St., circa 1900. G. A. Lord owned this house, another one house next door and one on High St.
17 Manning St.
17 Manning St., the Candlewood School. Records indicate that this house was originally a schoolhouse on Candlewood Road, and was moved to this location in 1905 to relieve overcrowding in the original Winthrop School. The structure dates to the early 19th Century.
20 Manning St.
18-20 Manning St., owned by g. A. Lord in the 1910 Ipswich map. Circa 1900.
21 Manning St.
21 Manning St., The Ipswich assessors database shows the date of construction as 1990, which appears to be erroneous. The house does not appear in the 1910 Ipswich map.
23 Manning Street. The Ipswich Assessors office shows the date of construction as 1934.
23 Manning St. The Ipswich Assessors database shows the date of construction as 1934.
24 Manning St. The Ipswich assessors databases shows the date of construction as 1932.
26 Manning St. Ipswich
26 Manning St., the Bernard Sullivan house, circa 1927