Measuring Time– by an Hourglass

Kitty Robertson’s “Measuring Time–by an Hour Glass” is an exquisite collection of essays, reflections on a 20th century life in small town New England, that first were published in the Ipswich Chronicle. Kitty is the author of “The Orchard: A Memoir”. That remembrance of hard times and kind people received glowing reviews: Boston Globe: “In graceful prose, ‘The Orchard’ makes the old seem new; it unsettles us from the uncertainties of our own modern truths.” New York Times: “The book is nothing short of a hymn.” San Jose Mercury: “This book is a gem.” Washington Post: “Adele Crockett Robertson turns out to have been a very good writer, and “The Orchard” is a lovely book.” “Kitty’s writing has a rhythm like the tides. Like music. Like the best bluegrass music, which from me is the ultimate compliment.” North Shore Sunday editor Taylor Armerding continues: “Mostly she taught those of us who had the good fortune to know her, that you can see the world without having to see the whole world. That when you choose a tiny corner of it, get to know its land and its people, train your eyes and your mind to look for beauty in the great, small and tiniest things, that you have seen a world and lived a life as exquisite as any.”
Measuring Time” is like that, petals, perhaps, of the apple blossoms of “The Orchard.” “Look through my eyes for a little while,” Kitty invites, “and may what you see bring you the joy it brings to me.”

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