296 High Street, the Oliver Bailey house (1860)

296 High Street, the Oliver Bailey house (1860)

Richard Bailey was born in Yorkshire England in 1619 and arrived on the Ship “Bevis” in 1638, and settled in Rowley, where he set up the first clock mill in this country.

One of his descendants was Oliver Bailey, a shoe maker who also operated a small farm at this house he built in 1860 at 246 High Street in “Ipswich Village” the area along High Street near the Rowley town line. Oliver Bailey was born November 7, 1794. and died January 6, 1878. He was a son of Pierce Bailey and Salome (Bailey) Bailey of Ipswich Village, and married Judith Howe of Rowley. Their children were:

  • Mary J. Bailey born March 26, 1827; not married. 874
  • Amasa P. Bailey born December 16, 1828. 875
  • Oliver Alvin Bailey born December 4, 1831 ; married Emily Pearson of Ipswich Village, in October, 1877.
  • Hannah Elisabeth Bailey born September 26, 1838. 877
  • Eben Howe Bailey born September 24, 1843.

One of their sons Eban Howe Bailey lived to be 100 years old, dying in 1943. Eban is well-known for his popular spiritual musical compositions. This house is therefore also known as the Eban Howe Bailey House.


Oliver Bailey’s shoe shop is gone, but this fine Greek Revival house is in remarkable condition. A stone foundation comes up to just below the grade, and is topped with cut granite blocks, with a grade that slopes up to the house. This suggests that it may have been built on the foundation of a previous structure. In the middle of the basement is a massive brick chimney foundation, and the house has a fireplace and hearth in the living room above. The current owners are a metal craftsman who has created a small farm on the property, and his wife, a language professor.

Another descendant of Richard Bailey was Dr. George Guy Bailey of Ipswich. View the Bailey Genealogy siteOliver Bailey House, 296 High Street


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