59 Turkey Shore Road, the Elizabeth and Otis Glover house (c 1870)

Elizabeth Glover, wife of Otis Glover, inherited the property at 59 Turkey Shore Road from her father, Abraham Soward. At some point she moved the old house off the lot and built a large Queen Anne mansion on the location. “E. Glover” first appears at this location in the 1856 Ipswich map. Otis Glover was away in service from 1861 to 1864, assumed to have returned to Ipswich after the Civil War. The open porch and paneled gable end were features found in the more elaborate Queen Anne homes later in the Victorian era, suggesting the circa 1870 construction date.

From the Journal of the … Annual Encampment of the Department of Massachusetts, Grand Army of the Republic, Volume 35, Parts 1901-1904, we read the following:

OTIS GLOVER, born in Ipswich, 1838, died at Pierce Farm, Roxbury MA on April 23 1903 of heart failure. He entered service Oct. 7, 1861 as Seaman on the USS Savannah, and mustered out on Oct 18, 1864.

Glover’s Wharf across the river was owned by John Glover, relationship unknown. It was used for unloading coal that heated houses in the 19th century.


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