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Jeffreys Neck Ipswich ma map and aerial view

Jeffreys’ Neck Road

This history of Jeffreys Neck is from the Agawam Manual and Directory by M.V.B. Perley, published in 1888. The business of fur-trading and fishing along the New England coast received a new impetus about the beginning of the seventeenth century. In 1604 Agawam was the center of Arcadia, […]

Names of the Ipswich slaves

In 1641 the Massachusetts Bay Colony adopted a code of laws that made slavery legal. In 1755, the slaves in this town above the age of sixteen numbered sixty-two, but within ten years, public opinion began turn against slavery. In 1780, the present Constitution of Massachusetts was adopted, its first article asserting that all men are born free and equal.

Ipswich at MACRIS

MACRIS is the Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System. The following houses are from a search of Ipswich structures in the collected files. Go to MACRIS to view the complete list of structures. Inv. Property Name Street Year   IPS.A Ipswich Village     IPS.B Damon Farm II   […]

Early American Gardens

Isadore Smith (1902-1985) lived on Argilla Road in Ipswich and was the author of 3 volumes about 17th-19th Century gardens, writing under the pseudonym Ann Leighton. As a member of the Ipswich Garden Club, she created a traditional seventeenth century rose garden at the Whipple House.

Chebacco Old Graveyard interment locations

These inscriptions are based on a cemetery survey taken in 1991, and transcribed to a computer file by the Essex Shipbuilding Museum, edited and annotated by Kurt Wilhelm. The letters and numbers in the identification of each gravestone indicates the location of the gravestone at the time of the […]

The Epes’ farm at Wigwam Hill

Symonds Epes bought a large tract in 1726 and built a substantial farm and orchards at Wigwam Hill, named for a group of destitute Indians who briefly camped there. The protecting pitch pines were later cut for lumber, and the farm became a large dune.

The early history of Topsfield

National Register of Historic Places Documentation Prepared by Gretchen G. Schuler & Anne M. Forbes, Preservation Consultants, April 2005 I. Contact Period and Early Settlement (ca. 1500-1670) The native inhabitants of Topsfield at the time of the first European contact were members of the Pawtucket group who occupied […]