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View from Town Hill in Ipswich by George Dexter, before 1900

A Chronology of Ipswich history

Featured Articles Legends The 17th Century The 18th Century The 19th Century The 20th Century The 21st Century The following list of dates and events in Ipswich history is from the Genealogy of the Willcomb family of New England (1655-1902); “Over Three Hundred & Fifty Years of Ipswich History,” […]

65 Waldingfield Road, Sunswick (1890)

In 1882, Bayard Tuckerman married Annie Osgood Smith, daughter of Rev. Cotton Smith and Hariette Appleton, daughter of General James Appleton. A lot on Waldingfield Rd. near Highland Street that had once belonging to Daniel Fuller Appleton was purchased in 1890 by Tuckerman. He built his summer house on a slight rise and named it ““Sunswick.”

John Dolan Ipswich MA

Remembering John Dolan

The following article was written in 2013 by Beverly Perna for the Ipswich Chronicle.  Reprinted with permission. It is true—when you become “of an age,” you start to scan the obituaries. Sadly with each passing year, I see more familiar names. If I didn’t know them, I knew of them. I looked […]

Locust Grove Cemetery

The Locust Grove Cemetery is located at 1 Locust Street, Ipswich, MA. Akerman, Mary M. Allen, Courtney Allen, Esther B. Allen, Joseph D. Alley, Hattie B. Alley, Sarah E. Anderson, Murray Edwin Andrews, George N. Andrews, John J., Jr Andrews, Mabel Johnston Archer, Austin Archer, Ethel Madeline Archer, […]