Plaques for historic houses

Benjamin Dutch house, County St.
Many historic buildings have Ipswich Historical Commission plaques on their front façade. The sign shape and design is unique to our town. The design with a salt box house at the top and antique (Timpani) lettering is used by default for houses built before 1820.

Displaying the historic plaque: The town of Ipswich allows a permanent, non-illuminated sign which identifies a structure or site designated by the Ipswich Historical Commission as being historically significant. Signs shall be attached on or parallel to the structure and shall not exceed three (3) square feet.

Step 1: Find your house name and date of construction

Inventories of historic buildings are maintained by the Ipswich Historical Commission. All buildings 75 years or older are considered to be historic. High priority buildings include those built in the First Period (1625 to 1725), Second Period (1725 to 1775) and Third Period (1775 to 1825).

  • To find the name of your house and the date of construction, refer to our master list which is organized by street address.
  • You may also find the information you need about your house at our Partial list of Historic Houses.
  • If you have questions about the house, purchasing or replacing a plaque, please contact the Ipswich Historical Commission by sending email to: We can confirm the name of the original owner (or traditional name of the house) and the date of construction.
  • Homeowners are responsible for making the order after confirming the date of construction and the name of builder, original owner, or other historic individual for which the house is named.

Step 2: Ordering Historic House Plaques. Ipswich sign makers for historic house plaques:

Penny’s Signs, Penny Benard, Ipswich. Digitally printed. Phone: 978-697-3198 (leave a message if I don’t answer). Charge: $125.00. Click on the image for a sample of her work.

Lisa Weagle, Rustic Sentiments, Ipswich. Email: Hand painted. Charge: $125.00. Click on the image for a sample of her work.

Ipswich plaque with salt box house at the top and antique (Timpani) lettering. This style has been used by default for houses built before 1820.
  • By default, plaques for houses built before 1820 (First Period, Georgian and Federal) have the salt box included at the top, with antique lettering. See the Benjamin Grant house plaque above.
  • By default, plaques for houses built after 1820 (Greek Revival, Italianate, Victorian etc.) have flat tops with no salt box house image. See the James Scott house plaque on the right.
  • You may choose either shape or lettering for your house. Please specify in your order.

Standard Size: 24″ x 16″. Option: small (20″ x 14″)

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  1. Very interested in helping out ! I notice lately some of the Plaques were in disrepair.The one im interested in fixing is the sanford house the last known Indian in Ipswich across from the town hall .

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