Jordan - Snelling - Potter House, 20 East Street, Ipswich MA
30 East Street as it appears today

A Publication of the Ipswich Historical Society refers to this as the John Potter House, at that time a well-preserved old mansion beneath the spreading elms on the corner of East street and “Hog Lane,” later known as Spring St. “This lot was owned in 1648 by Francis Jordan, the town-whipper, whose gruesome business it was to wield the lash and lay it smartly upon the backs of evil-doers, at the public whipping-post. In 1655, there was a house here, occupied by Jeffrey Skelling or Snelling, a man of questionable character, who tasted the lash more than once.

John Potter purchased the lot in 1708 with all the buildings, including the “old house, new out-houses, etc.” The slope of the hill on the east side of the present house was dug away many years ago, and an old cellar was disclosed. Spoons of a style in vogue prior to 1700 were found, so that may have been the site of the old Francis Jordan property, and the house at this location was probably built after 1708.


1980 photo from the MACRIS site
30 East Street in 1949, before renovations

The house was owned in the 1950’s by Hollie Bucklin, a historical enthusiast who also owned and operated a book store next door at 3 Spring Street. Hollie Bucklin renovated the building so that it appears to be a medieval revival cross-gabled house. View MACRIS