Preservation agreements

Featured: Owners of the Phillip Call house on High Street were the first to establish a preservation agreement with the Town of Ipswich.

Since 1969 the Ipswich Historical Commission has been responsible for a voluntary program of binding Preservation Agreements between the Commission and homeowners to preserve the structure’s architecturally significant features. Under the voluntary agreement provisions, the homeowner agrees not to permit any alterations to the designated interior or exterior features of his home agreed upon in the “covenant.” The contracts are between the town of Ipswich, owners and future owners until the year 2100. Current owners of historical properties may contact the Ipswich Historical Commission at about creating such an agreement.

Something To Preserve was published by the Ipswich Historical Commission in 1975 and is a report on historic preservation by the acquisition of protective agreements on buildings in Ipswich, Massachusetts. This important book described the process by which the town of Ipswich began to preserve at-risk historic homes after the town rejected efforts to set up a legal historic district.

Preservation restrictions are drawn up in accordance with MGL Chapter 184, Sections 31-33. Ipswich has the largest preservation restriction program in the Commonwealth with 36 properties protected in this fashion, primarily First Period buildings.

Preservation agreements with the Ipswich Historical Commission and other organizations


Rear of the Goodale house on Argilla Road

Isaac Goodale House,153 Argilla Road

Tilton-Smith House, 168 Argilla Rd.

Jeremiah (Benjamin) Kinsman House, 59 Candlewood Road (b.1756)

Memorial Hall, 33 Central Street (1921)

Col. Nathaniel Wade House, 88 County Rd.

Appleton Farms Old House, County Rd.

The Proctor Estate, 240 County Rd. New England Biolabs (1895)

Thomas and Grace Dennis House,7 County St. (b. 1670, alt. 1750)

Dennis – Dodge House, 10 County St. (b. 1740-50)

Benjamin Grant House, 47 County Street

The Captain Matthew Perkins House (b. 1701-9), 8 East Street

Baker-Newman House 14 East St. (b. 1725)

Lakeman-Johnson House (b. 1835), 16 East Street

Dodge House (b. 1725), 18 East Street

Polly Dole House, 26 East St. (1687 – 1710)

Wainwright -Treadwell House, 62 East St.(b. 1727)

Perkins-Hodgkins House, 80 East St. (b.1700)

Rev. Nathaniel Rogers House, 1 High Street (1727)

John Gaines House, 3 High St. (b.1725)

Joseph Willcomb House, 13 High Street (b. 1668)

Philip Call House, 26 High St. (b. 1659)

Waldo-Caldwell House, 33 High St.(b. 1660)

Lord-Baker House, 37 High Street (b. 1720)

Elizabeth and Phillip Lord house, 85 High Street, (1774) 

Joseph Fowler House (100 High Street (b 1725-75)

Merchant-Choate House, 103 High St. (1670)

John Kimball House, 104 High Street (b. 1715)

John Kendrick House, 3 Hovey Street (1665)

Charles Searle Estate, Jeffreys Neck Road

Paine House and Greenwood Farm, Jeffreys Neck Road

Ross Tavern – Lord Collins house 52 Jeffreys Neck Road (c 1690) 

Shatswell Planters Cottage, 52 Jeffreys Neck Road (c 1646)

Linebrook Parish Church, 391 Linebrook Rd. (1848)

Elizabeth Howe Perley House, 419 Linebrook Rd.


Adomowicz House, 17 Mineral St. (1885)

Col. John Appleton House, 2 North Main Street (b. 1707)

Thomas Manning / Old Parsonage, 19 North Main Street, (b. 1799)

Probate Court – Odd Fellows building, 29 North Main Street
(Ipswich Hertitage Trust, assigned to Ipswich Historical Commission)

Dr. John Manning House, 36 North Main Street (1769)
(Ipswich Hertitage Trust, assigned to Ipswich Historical Commission)

Old Post Office, 38 North Main (1769)
(Ipswich Hertitage Trust, assigned to Ipswich Historical Commission)

Treadwell – Hale House, 52 North Main Street ( 1769-99)

Day-Dodge House, 57 North Main Street (b. 1737)

Captain Richard Rogers House, 64 North Main St.(b.1728)

Old Town Hall, 30 S. Main St.

Hall – Haskell House, 36 S. Main St., (Town of Ipswich Visitor Center)

John Heard Mansion 54 S. Main St.

Samuel Dutch House, 69 South Main Street (b. 1723)

The Whipple House, 1 South Village Green

Col. John Baker House South Village Green (b. 1761)

Benjamin Kimball House, 3 Summer Street (b. 1721, alt. 1803)

Turner Hill, Topsfield Road, owned by Turner Hill Associates.

Burnham-Patch House, 1 Turkey Shore Rd.

Heard-Lakeman House, 2 Turkey Shore Rd.

Emerson – Howard House, 41 Turkey Shore Road (1640) 

Stephen Boardman house, 67 Turkey Shore Rd.

Preston-Foster House, 6 Water St.

Glazier – Sweet house, 12 Water Street (1728)

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